Making myself happy…not just being happy.

Today, a Sunday I shouldn’t be sitting at home, well hostel, and thinking how to be happy. I hate to stay indoors. Especially during weekends. But some days either the people around you or the climate force u to stay home. Today is such a day, nd today’s culprit is rain. And I think this is gonna be my Sunday routine for next two months, as monsoon has come showering love and cold. Its not monsoon that led me to pen this. But its the ‘too serious’ thoughts on how to make myself happy!!! Because being happy and making yourself happy are two different things. I vote for second one because the underlying reason behind making yourself happy is your love for yourself. As I love myself, I starting finding ways to make me happy… As my laptop had stopped working, I really started thinking this time than confining myself to Google, like every other time. As I found myself depressed for last few months, I thought some changes in life or me may make me happy… Ya. So lets try to switch job…but this seems to be not a good time. Lets get married, so life will change…but isnt that a bigger change?? And its definitely attached to emotions of so many people around me. Not a good option. Lets buy a car…phew!!! Dont have enough money to fill petrol in my scooter. Lets buy a gift for mom…ya seems to be good but then she will ask about my monthly expenditure, savings followed by a long monetary advice. Not now. Will buy her on next mothers day. Give my boyfriend a surprise…he will love it. But I think he is already surprised and shocked by the way I behave for last few it would be better if I be nicer to him than giving surprises. I was running out of options but then I remember reading somewhere, that the easiest way to find happiness is by paintings nails…just for girls.ya. That is a wonderful idea…and when I did that I really followed the way that author mentioned, to paint it. Removing an existing color, with an attitude to dump unnecessary worries from mind…clean the nails and sanitize your mind…paint it with a different color, fill your heart with colorful thoughts. Well this did actually helped me. And I was thinking, sometimes how all this silly things can make me happy!!! Well for me, life as a whole is not fair…but when broken down into small episodes life is a fairytale. Small things bring more happiness.:-) and the more effort I put to make myself happy…the more happier I am.


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