For me the purpose of life is…

There are certain things that I want to scribble down. Like my thought on, the creation of mankind. It sounds big…something that I cant handle!!! But that is fine. This is just my take on it. So here it is…
It says God has created man on the seventh day . For last six days he was continuously creating stuffs. Stuffs like earth, trees and animals. This is what bible says. I believe in it. Its right. Bible also says that on seventh day God felt that he want to create something that has similar shape and features like him. I believe that too. But I think there is something more…if God just wanted to see someone like him, why did he give them the power to reproduce? He would have been satisfied by seeing Adam and Eve. If not, he would have been satisfied in all this time. It has been so long since he created man.
So what happened is, God created stuffs for six days and when he saw his creations, he was so proud. So he wanted to have something that can access the value of his creations, appreciate it and enjoy it. So decided to create something which can think and analyze…in short something with brain. But he was so tired after six days of work. We all know how it feels like. Working continuously for six days! So he didn’t think much. He didn’t foresee the after effects. He didn’t figure out what all something with brain and 70-80 years of life span can do. He never even thought that the output of his seventh day’s work, the ultimate of all creations, would differentiate themselves based on the skin color. He never expected that man would divide earth and make boundaries based on vegetation. He never thought that one man would enjoy by exploiting another man. His only intention was to make man enjoy the wonderful things that he has created, by living a quality life.
I respect his intention. And I think, even though something went wrong in between, man is the best of all creations. And our purpose is to live good, and help others to live good. God never distinguished us. He wanted everyone to be equal, with similar shape features and amenities. So its us who can help. Basically that what the purpose of our life. Live good and help others to.


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