That rain called Mehul

It was raining when I woke up. I looked out of my window just to see the rain drenched gulmohar in my yard. That is the best view I can ever have, or I have ever had. I thought of waking up and getting out to the yard to make sure that my bakula has flowered even in rain. Then I felt a muscular arm around me, holding me closer and tight. The same way it was when I hugged him for the first time. It was raining then too. His arms where muscular then too, and he was holding me closer and tighter. Nothing has changed. It’s not true that time can change everything. Not even time can change some things. Because they are not meant to be changed. They are made to be forever. They are made as a wonder. They are made to make things better…Just like rain.The only wonder of nature that can make things better. The only thing that can make me happy. Yes, he too is a rain. I ignored my yard, turned towards him and hugged him. Behind me, my gulmohar and bakula too were getting drenched in rain.

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