How to take decisions in life….

I have lived only 26 years. That doesn’t mean that I am dead, but that am on my 26th year of living. But for last few years I was very disturbed because I was unable to read myself most times. I was trying hard to understand what I really am, what I want and for what am I living? I can just ignore these questions and move on. It’s the easiest way to deal with this. But I have walked through that easiest way many times till now, and I succeed but for a short time. I could forget about this for some days, months or weeks but it always came back to me. And the more I ignore the stronger was the return. So I decided to deal with the questions. Not all at once, but one by one. And I started working on the first job of identifying my personality. I wondered for knowing a lot negatives about me and less positives. But it is fine. Because I have enough time to work on my negatives.
My first problem that I could find out was the difficulty in taking decision. I struggled with my memory trying to figure out some situations where I really had took my own decision and I found none. It was very alarming for me to know that I haven’t taken a single decision in my life in last 26 years. I just looked around, I looked at my friends, I looked at their lives. As far as I know, they were in similar state. Now, as I found that most people in my generation face the same problem, I could blame the society for their over involvement in our lives…I could blame our parents for the over concern and care and mostly for the less confidence in letting us to take a decision….I could blame ourselves for always getting attracted to the comfort in forgetting about ourselves and going for our parents decisions. I could blame many others too. But I won’t. No that at least I decided to work on my problem in taking decisions; I realize that the first step is to stop scratching on what went wrong but to investigating on what can make it right.
Yes. That’s the first step. Adopt the confidence to face anything and everything that comes up as an after effect of your decision. It’s very simple to say. Simpler to writeJ. But there is this famous saying, if there is a will there must be a way.
And there is a way. However crucial the decision is, try to find a backup in case the decision goes wrong. And if that is not possible, then believe that God exists and He see you.
Second step is to get some time, at least 10 mins before you take the decision. Think logically. Write down the pros and cons. Write it down on a paper. Think emotionally. Weigh the pros and cons as per your emotion. If you think that even if the possibility of success is only 1%, but your emotions want you to do it then do it. There is no logic, there is no reasoning, and there is no arithmetic in life. It’s just emotions. Life is a bunch of emotions.
Third step is to decide. DO IT. Never push it for tomorrow. It will just eat up your energy, put you in stress and make you weaker. Do it today, do it now.
Fourth and final step is not to look back. Once you decided, find the possibilities to move forward. If you are stuck find a way out. If you are lost, just think about the emotion you had when you took the decision. That’s enough to move on.
So this is what I am going to do now. Let me fix this first. I shall definitely write more on this… I shall write how I succeed.

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