What I will do if I know am going to die tomorrow ?

What if I have no more days left but just today ? What I will do today ?

Today is going to be my last day…and today has to be counted as the day I lived most. Yes. I am going to fear less and act more. I am going to worry less and laugh more. I am going to envy less and love more. My last day wish list doesn’t include any adventures…It just has some simple things which I wanted to do every day but I couldn’t yet.

I will call up my father and tell him that he is the one I love the most and I will send my diary to him. I wish he will understand me even then. I will call my mom and tell her that I will miss her. I will call my sister and thank her for being a wonderful sister and will send her all my shoes and bags. I will call my brother and tell him that he can use my room and he can stop finding guys for me. I will send all my beauty accessories to my niece aami. I will start a savings account for my second niece Pepper as her father(my brother) is a spendthrift.

I will send a note to my ex saying ‘I forgive you for not letting me to be myself. And am sorry for showing up in your life”. I will send a card to my best friend in Qatar and tell him that I love him for being such a great friend always. I will send a note to my ex manager and my current manager for being nice people. I will give all my clothes to my new good friend Lerry, because we share similar taste.(you can alter it and use )

Finally, I will fly to wherever he is, and will marry him. So that I can die peacefully, as his wife.


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