Travel Diaries – Bangalore Part 1

This is the first part of my Bangalore travel days. Considering the fact that Bangalore is the nearest happening city and its just an overnight volvo bus ride, I love spending my weekends in Bangalore. I do have a number of friends there so no worries about the stay 🙂

I started travelling to Bangalore last year when a few of my friends came down there for a short term project. So I decided to go there and meet them. That was my first trip to Bangalore and I fell in love with the place that time itself. Compared to the place I live, Bangalore has so many places to shop, eat and a fairly good night life. And its south so I can get my favourite Kerala food whenever I get the craving.

It was on a summer day and climate was fair enough for spending the day out. So we decided to visit the Bangalore Palace, which is within the city.

About the palace, it took almost a century to built this by the Wodeyar dynasty. The architecture of this palace is different from other ancient palaces in India. It is said that the Wodeyar king Chamaraja in one of his trips to England, visited the Windsor Castle and was inspired by the Tudor style architecture, Thus Bangalore palace is a mixture of different architectural styles which makes it more attractive. This palace is surrounded by beautiful garden. This place is not very huge compared to other ancient palaces but still very elegant and well maintained.

There was not much crowd so we could really take our time and see each any every corner of the place. This palace is decorated by very ancient and historically important arts and paintings which says that the kings or rulers whoever stayed there were great artists.

I got a glimpse of some of those glass works and paintings along with my pictures in the palace. I have anyway dressed and accompanied by friends so why not to click some pics :)… just a girl thing.

Next time when you are in Bangalore, make sure you visit Bangalore palace….


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