A beautiful evening

It was a holiday yesterday. A holiday on middle of the week…is something I don’t like. It doesn’t help me anyway other than sitting at home full day watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Well that’s something I love but not on a Wednesday 😦 . Anyway this is something which is out of my control so I think no point in crying over it.
Unlike other holidays, which tend to be the most depressing day for me, yesterday actually turned out good. My roomie also cancelled her plans and sit at home with me. We cooked the traditional sambar (Hey, It was Vishu yesterday) and evening we went to beach. 🙂
I am not a big fan of beaches even though that’s the most attractive thing about the place I live. This is completely a coastal area and ya if you get to the backside of any house you can say hi to the blue water. We went to a not so crowded beach, which I dont think has a name but the place is called Vettukad. It was calm, quiet and breathtakingly beautiful. We reached during sunset and honestly, that one view made my day. 🙂
As it was just a casual visit neither of us took the camera but I clicked some with my phone. Take a look…

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