Currently I am…

I found this one in a blog I love and I check out every day and felt like it’s  fun to do for myself. So here I go…

Currently I am…

Making: A list of things I should buy if in case I get marred this year 😛 (hehe..that’s so weird but I seriously have plans !!!)

Cooking: Nothing. But assisting my bestie in cooking whatever she wants.

Drinking: Coffee. All the time all the time. My bestie says I should reduce the number of cups I take daily but I find it so 
difficult still trying by switching the late night coffee to green tea.

Reading: Blink. Reading since last 2 months. Well, I usually have time to time reading sprees and am not in one right now.

Wanting: The Fuji-film Instax polaroid camera J

Missing: My girls gang from college and those times. 

Looking: forward to July. Am gonna have one more niece/nephew …so excited J 

Playing: 2048..for a long time
Giggling: This is something that I don’t do. So pass.

Wishing: To put on a little more weight…only on hands and legs, if that’s is possible L

Enjoying: This non-stop rain that stared last weekend. I am really gonna miss this place.

Waiting: For bonus 😛  Well already made a list of things to buy.

Liking: My new fossil watch. Gifted.

Wondering: If I will ever be as independent and stable as I want, both emotionally and financially.

Loving: This Ellie Golding song ‘Love me like you do’ and playing on repeat 100 times a day.

Creating: A new pinterest board on Indian wear.

Marvelling: I don’t even know the difference between marvelling and wondering. But still gonna give it a try. Marvelling at how the collar dresses suit me despite what I thought.

Needing: A nice hot sizzler and one beer. And a place to relax with the same song playing in repeat. 

Smelling: Nothing. 

Wearing: W kurta and legging and an open sweater because it is  raining since last 4 days so its chilling in here.

Following: All my favourite bloggers in Instagram and of course the lovely you tubers. 

Thinking: Whether he will call this time or I have to ??? I feel like I am the one who calls after every fight.

Knowing: I am not gonna call this time. Haha.

This site called 

Noticing: Its time to paint my nails. Or at least to remove the patched one am wearing right now.

Hoping: For life to get better.

Feeling: Lonely but happy. 

Planning: On watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the 100thtime.

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