Gift ideas for your bff – On a budget, of course !!!

Everyone has that one friend. Whom you  never call by their name because that would hurt them, without whom you never go shopping, without whom you don’t dare to check out that new café over the corner. The one with you  spend all the day outs and sleepovers. The only one with whom you gossip about everything around you. The one without whom you never watch your favorite tv show….There are a lot of ‘with’s and less ‘with outs’ when it’s about this one friend. And it’s her birthday nearing, But sadly you are still broke. Worry not because you can still buy her something that make her love you more. On a budget. Here are a few things I would go for:
1.       The Fugi-film polaroid Instax camera – This is the coolest product I have come across recently. It’s so cute to carry and it will give u a printed picture in seconds…  Buy it here.
2.       Body Shop gift hamper – Let’s accept the fact that no one hates Body Shop. That itself qualifies this gift to the top list. This is the cheapest in the list so it won’t hurt to buy one more gift. How about a MAC lipstick ? Buy it here.
3.       Urban decay naked palette –This is a must have for every girl. I don’t mind even having more than one in my collection J Buy it here.
4.       Victoria’s Secret gift set – 4 Pcs Box Set [Endless Love Bl, Straw & Chmp Bc, Coconut Passion Mist, Secret Crush Bubble Bath] –  This package guarantees happiness overload, for sure. Buy it here.
5.       That dress she lust after.. A few suggestions from my lust list (Available in India)      –
       Dress #1
       Dress #2
       Dress #3
Hope you could make up your mind for the best gift.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. lerry oommen says:

    Am waiting for the gift 😀


  2. Mehul Saraff says:

    Even I am waiting for my bday gift and one more small gift.. Probably I will get that in a year.. Haina shona…


  3. I have no idea what you are talking about 😛 @mehul hon….


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