Random thoughts and random pics

I have a few unfinished posts in my draft since last few weeks. I don’t know when I will be able to finish that. But, as usual, I have some excuses for that. First and the saddest of all, my laptop stopped working. I cant blame it. I used it a lot..*sigh*
I have been so busy for the last two weeks, you guys wont even imagine. I am travelling home every weekends for last one or two months. That means on week days, lots and lots of tiredness and sleep and less and less of anything and everything else. *sigh*
Still, I am always thinking how can I have at least one post every week(as I promised). Let the unfinished draft be there for some more time. Today I have a few pics from my last week and a few thoughts from today morning’s travel back from home.

Until last year I too had the same mantra about being in a relationship. I want someone who can ‘Love me as I am’. I hear everybody saying the same again and again. Everyone wants to be accepted and loved with all their weirdness, craziness, arrogance or what else. But have we ever thought of being on the other side of a relationship ? Have we thought of loving someone genuinely and completely as they are ? That sounds difficult right. It sounded impossible to me. Well, it still does.

The point is, saying ‘love me as I am or leave me’ is so easy but practically we are asking our partner to either do something which is impossible or leave. We know what the result is gonna be.

When two people are in love, both will change or rather tweak themselves to suit to each other. That happens unintentionally. But when two people decides to stay in love forever, there would be continuous pressure for changing something in each other and according to me its always better to try the change. After all,sticking on to what I am is not as precious as having the one I love in my life forever.

When two people live together there would be a lot of stuff that the other cant adjust to. I am not saying that we should change everything for the other but definitely there should be some changes. And it should come from both.

Change for each other. Tweak yourself a bit. There is no better way to express love. If he doesn’t love you the way you are, be the way he loves. Because love is selflessness.

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Random thoughts and random pics
559f4-img_20150621_204159Random thoughts and random pics
  Random thoughts and random pics

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