Life updates

Hi there,
Hope you having a great week. Have you planned anything for the weekend ? My weekend is going to be a quiet and comfy one. I have planned to stay indoors for 2 days watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and reading my new book. Oh Ya, I have ordered The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd and it will be delivered today. Finally I decided to get over my ‘lazy-for-reading’ sickness and get back to track. And I thought it would be good idea to order a paperback this time.
I love my kindle. It is the best thing when you travel or you are running out of space on your book shelf or you live with someone who doesn’t sleep while the light is on(I know most of us read late nights). But sometimes I don’t get the feel that am reading a book. So once in a while I have to get my hands on paperbacks too.
See how easily I get carried away. The post title says life updates and am talking about I don’t know what all….you know what, the word I say to myself the most is ‘focus’. Now you know why. So back to the real post. Here are some recent updates on my life.
I became an aunt !!! Again !!!! actually, for the third time !!! hehe, but I become very excited every time. This time it’s a nephew for me. I already have two nieces so I was secretly wishing for a nephew. Both my nieces are a great help in emptying my wallet for all those hair-bands and bangles and ballerinas. I hope the latest one is different, At least he won’t need any ballerina. Happy wallet, happy me.
I successfully completed 4 years in my job, also 4 years in Trivandrum. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I am looking forward to move to a new city but I can’t get enough of this beautiful place. I am soon going to miss all these trees, the windy and rainy climate, the beautiful beaches and the most awesome people I met here.
We are shifting… Ya it’s sad but true. Even though I have to stay back in Trivandrum for a few more months, I can’t stay at the place where I stay right now. Me and my bestie are in apartment hunt. Somewhere close to work place because I don’t wanna drive too much.
 And  here are a few pics which I think is related but you all will realize not at all related to this post. 😛 And ya that is my bike,,I call him Sunny. 🙂 And its definitely a ‘he’. 


So that’s all for now. But I have posts on my ‘To Read’ list coming this week and a weekend getaway details coming later this week. So do come back.

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