Weekend getaway – Dakshinachitra – ECR Chennai

Hi guys,
Hope you all having a great week. I am pretty much free this week. I mean apart from going to work everyday I don’t have anything planned for the whole week. That is actually a good news to myself because now I can have more time for this blog. And I have already planned a few posts for this and coming week. So check out this space everyday.
For today, I found some of my old pics in a hard drive which are clicked in Dakshinachitra, Chennai. Dakshinachitra is museum dedicated for South Indian architecture, life style, arts and culture. Basically you can find heritage homes built in ancient South India style like The Β Kerala Christian home, The Madras Brahmin home, The chikmagalur home of Karnataka, The coastal Andhra home etc…
There are a few great shops and a nice traditional south Indian meal corner. I really did enjoy my day there. So whenever you guys go for a drive along ECR do check out this place. Its worth it.
P.S – During the time of my visit I was not into blogging or photography. So below given are the only pics I clicked on that day. Honestly, these pics do not do any justice to such an awesome place. You go and check it out guys, You will know what I mean. πŸ™‚

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