Because I love books…

Hi there,
How you guys doing ? I had a great week and weekend. Even though I look forward to a very productive weekend starting today, I am still in the hangover of last weekend. I went on a teeny tiny summer vacation. More like a weekend+2 days getaway. And it was awesome. I spend some quality time with my family and friends. I will be sharing the details with you soon. Meanwhile here is my reading list for next 6 months. I am yet to finish The Invention of wings. But I really want to finish all the below books this year itself. I am trying to find some more time for reading on an everyday basis. My roomie and her classic movie collection is a serious distraction 😛 Still, let’s hope for the best.
                                                                       First Frost – Sarah Adison
                                                                      Maximum City – Suketu Mehta
                                                                    The Boston girl – Anita Diamant
                                                            Cutting for Stone – Abraham Varghese
So what is on your reading list ?

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