Why do I love and hate my country at the same time ?

I have never disliked my country before. Life was pretty much comfortable here. Keeping in mind it is still a developing country and one of the most populous in the world, I believe it did the best. Life was not easy here but was rather safer. I am a true patriot. I stand with my country and I love my country.

But sometimes ‘the people’ who are part of this country is pushing me to  hate the living here. By people I meant the male chauvinist crowd I see every day or the news channels show me every day. Not just them. Some people who are supposed to lead this country as a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic nation but tries to make it some sort of religious asylum. And I am depressed to see even the educated youth supporting every stupid policy ‘the people’ put forward.
I am not denying the fact that developmental steps are being taken by the same people. But before development comes safety and secularism. Did we forget Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ? Food water warmth and rest comes first then comes security and safety which is disappearing from this nation. Maslow’s hierarchy is motivational theory but what else matters more than the motivation to wake up and start living every day.
Why the government or whoever acts as government has to interfere in personal lives ?  Why is government taking the liberty to tell its people what to eat and what not to ? What to watch and what not to ? What to wear and what not to? It doesn’t sound like democracy. If government  is not being democratic why are the so-called-educated youth not able to act on this ? Why do they support everything if it has a religion tag on it ?
I don’t see a free happy life for me in this country. I don’t see it for anyone like me, who belongs to a minority session and most unfortunately born as a female in this country. I have always told myself to be proud of what I am irrespective of the religion, caste and sex. But the government is telling me to be ashamed of what I am and follow what the government thinks right.  I pity on every single child born as a non-hindu in this country. I pity on very single child born as poor in this country. I pity on very single child born as girl in this country.

I love my country. I just don’t like ‘the people’ in it.


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