The Vibrant Rajasthan, India

This time we put the dart on Rajasthan….oh, the royal beauty. I was very attracted by its majestic history, sand dunes and the lush forest….Rajasthan got it all. So here is the story of how we planned and executed our trip.

We were in Delhi for a short period.. It was not our first  trip to Delhi and thus we had already covered most of Delhi and Agra. So we had to pick some other destination this time and I won the lot to choose. Since my childhood I was always fascinated by the Great Indian rulers and warriors like Maharan Pratab, Prithivarj Chauhan Jodha and Rani Padmini. So I didn’t need to think twice but pack my bags to the royal city.

We took a pretty relaxed trip, staying back in places for more time than intended rather than covering the whole state in one stretch. This is where we went.

Gurgaon/Delhi > Jodhpur > Udaipur > Ranakpur > Chittorgarh > Jaipur > back to Gurgaon

Rajasthan tourist map
Rajasthan tourist map – Source: Google.

It was a seven day trip, starting from Gurgaon by train to Jodupur. We spent one full day in Jhodpur visiting palaces and forts by night boarded a bus to Udaipur. By 4 am next morning, we stepped down in Udaipur. I must tell you, this is the place i liked the most. We had plans to spend 2 days in Udaipur but extended our stay to four days and during this time we also covered the nearby spots Ranakpur and Chittorgarh. From Udaipur we again took a bus to Jaipur and spend 2 days there. Thus ended our trip and we got back to Gurgaon.

We went on this amazing tour towards the end of December. It was freezing there but I was happy that we could celebrate our new year in Udaipur. Honestly, it was an amazing journey. If you haven’t explored Rajasthan yet, you are definitely missing out.

Due to time and budget constraints, we had to skip Jaisalmer and Mount Abu in Rajasthan. Jaisalmer desert safari was my all time dream. Hopefully I can make it happen early next year as there is a chance for me to move back to Delhi for sometime. Anyways, until then I have stories and pictures to share from all the places I went. So do come back here.


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