The Royal Udaipur

Udaipur is like a beautiful princess. So elegant, so modest !!

During the reign of Maharaja Udai Singh Udaipur was found and declared as the capital of Mewar kingdom. Jodhpur was still there which served more towards business as Jodhpur had well connectivity with major trade zones like Delhi and Gujarat. Chittorgarh was another capital of Mewar which was once attacked by the Mughal emperor Akbar. Seeing the risk of having an easily accessible residence, Udai Singh found the little precious gem called Udaipur that lied between the Aravalli mountain range. Since then, till it became the princely state of British India in 1818 Udaipur served the capital of Mewar.

Udaipur has two major palaces. The city palace where the royal family spend most of their time and Bahore Ki Haweli which was the summer palace. Bahore ki Haweli is in the banks of Lake Pichola and its cool refreshing breeze keep the Haweli livable whole year long.

Travel Diaries - The Royal Udaipur

There is a lot to see in Udaipur. The best thing to do is to ditch your tour operator and explore the streets of Udaipur by yourself, like we did. We spend half a day in City palace and half a day in shopping the vintage stuff outside the palace. By evening we took a walk to the shores of Lake Pichola and got refreshed by the cool winter breeze and by night we got to see some authentic rajastani art forms at Bagore ki Haweli. Luckily we were in Udaipur on the new year eve. (Yes. this post is late by 6 months :(.. lazy me !!!)


Bagore ki Haweli has been modified into a museum and it has got amazing arts and crafts . I cant share all the pics here even though i really want to…
One thing you cant miss in Udaipur is the night light show at City palace. At the show they narrate the histroy of Mewar kingdom and there is some pretty good light works, But what is amazing is the view of City Palace at night. It was mesmerizing.

43056-1507704_937589639624665_5535238205048571846_nWherever you go in Udaipur you hear a new story about Maharana Pratab or Udai Singh or Rani Padmini. And its all very fascinating. So how can I end this post without a story. Story telling is my favorite part. So here you go.
Udaipur is also called as The most romantic city of India. No wonder, Udai Singh married twenty times and gave birth to many like the greatest of Mewar rulers Maharana Pratab. As everyone knows everything about Maharana Pratab, let me tell you a less famous story of sacrifice by Udai Singh’s maid Panna Dhai.
When Udai Singh was a kid, his father Maharana Sangram Singh was assassinated and his elder brother Vikramadithya was crowned as king. Vikramadithya was not a powerful ruler and during his reign Turkish king Bahadur Shah attacked Chittor, then capital of Mewar. Udai Sign’s mother entrusted her maid Panna Dhai for taking care of him. Taking advantage of Bahadur’s attack, Udai Singh’s uncle Banbir decided to kill Vikramadithya and Udai Singh to capture the crown. Panna Dhai saw Babir murdering Vikramadithya and she decided to save the only living heir to the throne of Mewar. She replaced her own sleeping son on Udai Singh’s bed and concealed Udai Singh in a basket covered with clothes and fled. Banbir killed Panna Dhai’s son thinking it was Udai Singh. Later, Udai Singh returned to Chittor and was crowned as Maharana of Mewar.
Lets not forget Panna Dhai’s sacrifice while we praise the  glory of Udaipur and Mewar dynasty.

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