When I woke up from the Chittorgarh dream, I saw a small beautiful village outside. That was Ranakpur. It is  located between Jodhpur and Udaipur and this place is famous for the most magnificent Jain temple in India.




The temple is dedicated to Adinatha, the first Thirthankara. The temple is built in light colored marble. And the architecture is spectacular.

Some say it is built in Maru-Gujara architecture, where as some claim its Western Indian architecture. I don’t know anything about these architectural styles, but the designs carved on its walls, pillars and ceiling are breathtakingly beautiful.


10389480_894042697312693_8550511068832476240_n10487227_894042560646040_6697913380539364882_nThere are 1444 pillars, all of them built in different designs. No two pillars look same. It says it is impossible to count the pillars, you will loose track somehow.

On another side of temple, we have a statue carved out of a single marble rock which has 108 heads and numerous tails of a snake. For the first time, I was not scared but amazed by a snake.

1795780_894036920646604_6470247991364098104_n 10915185_894036173980012_4094102613301695076_nAll the statues in this temple are placed in a way that, one statue faces another one. On one side, there is a statue of Marudevi riding on a elephant. Marudevi is the mother of Adinatha, and the first one to attain nirvana. The audio guide told me about this belief that Marudevi will make your wish come true if you crawl under her elephant. And I did that. But I got so excited that I forgot to make a wish when I crawled. 😦

Marudevi’s elephant






We just walked around the temple for sometime and continued our journey towards, Kumbalgarh.


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  1. Lerry says:

    beautiful photos 🙂

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