Happy Onam !!!

Let’s take a break from our Rajasthan trip details. It is Onam. How can I miss to update on that.

As usual, we had wonderful celebrations in office. Everybody was traditionally dressed and looked gorgeous. We made flower carpet and had a very delicious feast.



Next week, we will be repeating all this as part of celebration at home… Onam is such a great time. The
celebrations never end…

The Onam story :

Onam is a Kerala festival which is celebrated in remembrance of Mahabali, an ancient asura ruler. He was a great ruler and a great man. The people of Kerala loved him so much that the Devas got jealous of him and decided to ruin him. Mahabali was so generous that he never refused anything to anyone.

Mahabali was the grandson of Prahlada. Prahlada, despite being an asura had enormous faith in Lord Vishnu, so did Mahabali. Mahabali conquered all three worlds – Heaven, Earth and Underworld. The devas were afraid of Mahabali’s rise an a legend and approached Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu, disguised as a Brahmin names Vamana, visited Mahabali and asked for a favour. Mahabali agreed to give whatever Vamana asks.

Knowing the deceit in Vamana’s visit, Mahabali’s guru(advisor) Sukracharya advised him not to promise Vamana anything. But Mahabali who has already given his word, decided to give whatever Vamana asks for. Vamana asked 3 foot land, then grew in size and measured one feet as earth, second feet as Heaven. As there was no more space to measure third feet, Mahabali requested Vamana to keep the final step on his head. Vamana did so and thus send Mahabali to Pathala(Underworld).


Lord Vishnu granted Mahabali two things – One to rule the underworld and second to visit his people once in every year. Thus Keralites celebrate Onam, during which we Mahabali visit us.A few attractions of Onam are Athapookkalam ya flower carpet, Thiruvathira – a traditional dance form, Onam Sadhya
– Onam feast, Vallam kali – boat race and Puli kali.

So that is a few things about Onam…But what makes me happy during this time is that Onam comes in the spring ya harvest season, everyone get new dress to wear for Onam and Onam Sadhya is such yummy delight….So that’s it for today. Wish you all a happy and prosperous Onam…

A few pics from 2015 Onam Celebrations

11949404_1023134011070227_4763046570666581670_n 11954612_1023133751070253_2191776133407557685_n


A few pics from 2014 Onam Celebrations


1013208_683918764991755_1073157094_n 10614289_812253055491658_3143869321350044910_n


Thats is my bestie…

2013 Onam celebrations

How different I look… 😀 I had some more flesh on my body i guess…

See you soon….


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