Kumbalgarh fort

I loved walking around here clicking pictures. Surprisingly, there was no audio guide available at this place. So I think this one is not as historicaly important as the other forts built by Mewar.Still, its the birth place of Maharana Prathab. And the place where Udai Singh, the founder of Udaipur was grown up. Panna Dhai rescued Udai Singh from Barbara’s sword and took him to this place.

Kumbalgarh fort, a view from entrace


A temple inside the fort compound…

10906346_893252430725053_8528868576749319207_nKumbalgarh fort has almost 38 kms long walls. It is considered as the second biggest wall after The Great wall of China. This fort is built by Rana Kumbha in 15th century. Rana Khumba has built 84 forts, out of which 32 were designed by himself. Among all his forts. Kumbalgarh is the largest.

From top of this tower, you can easily locate any movement around the fort.
The Kumbalgarh fort…
Some part of the fort still remains the same

Kumbalgarh fort served as a place of refuge for the Mewar kings during war times. Many has tried to take over this fort but it remained with Mewar until end. It has won all the battles it has fought except one, where the Mugals and Marwars combined aganist the Mewars. Even that time the fort has to accept defeat not because of anything else but water shortage.

The 38 Kms long walls of Kumbalgarh fort
One of the many temples inside the fort
The great walls that took care of Mewar and its people
A temple inside the fort
Each and every frot remains still shows the glory of Mewar
Another temple
Way towards one temple inside the fort.
The remains of fort


View from a restaurant we stopped by. This is how most Rajasthan villages look like…at least the ones I saw.

From Kumbalgarh, we came back to our hotel in Udaipur and next day, we started to Jaipur. Stay tuned for Jaipur diaries….


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