Life is changing…

My life has been unbelievably static for the last 3 years. I was sticking on to my daily, monthly and quarterly routines – working from Monday to Friday, visiting parents on weekends and taking a trip every 3 months. I seriously did follow the same for 3 long years and I am so sick of it. I always figured myself as a person who doesn’t like changes. I think I was wrong. I actually do enjoy changes. It bores me to hell if there is nothing happening outside of my routine. I just don’t want the change to be a surprise. I like things planned. Call me boring, but I do hate surprises.


Coming back to the recent changes, first of all, we are shifting. Me and my roomie-Phoebe decided to move out of our apartment because of the water shortage problem. We really loved that place. It was a happy place for both of us. It was just 5 mins ride from my office. We had a great time there…we laughed a lot, we cried a little, we cooked and ate a lot. And of course we did drink a lot :P. It was pretty affordable too. Hmmm, we are sad to move but it seems we don’t have any other option now. That is ok. Because we were getting used to that place. Even though I love being in my comfort zone, it scares me when I get used to it.

I think we are gonna love this change. Even if its not gonna be awesome we are still grateful that something is happening in our lives.Phoebe is all packed already, I will be doing the final packing tonight and its a new month and a new home for us. 🙂

Besides the shifting, there are other things also. Actually shifting is the least important one. I am putting paper this month.
Yup, quitting by job and taking a break for 2 months. This so doesn’t sound like me but there is a reason why am I doing this now. And of all the recent changes, the biggest one is that I am getting married this year :). We have been trying to convince our parents for 4 years and finally they are convinced. The big date is by November end and as I have to serve two months notice period in office I will be resigning this month.

There are two things about this job and wedding thing. Well am not planning so much on the wedding thing because I am kind of tired waiting for it and now am out of enthusiasm. I just wanna have it done and move on with my new life. But about the job quitting, I have sort of mixed feelings and I am not able to understand whether am more happy or sad. So to make things easy, I decided to do something new until the time of wedding. That means I have 3 months in total, out of which 1 month I will be in my hometown doing wedding shopping and packing stuff. Still, I count 3 months.


For the first 2 months, while I am still in Trivandrum, I will have to go office regularly like I do now but still I think I can
make some extra time every day. A few options I have thought about are yoga class or swimming class or daily workout. I wanted to learn yoga since long, but never was the right time. Either I can push myself a bit and get it done this time. About swimming class, I am dead scared of water and I hate to be scared. So I thought lets get rid of that nightmare and learn how to swim(How easy it sounds! haha).

Daily workout doesn’t sound like a thing to do but I don’t do it for a reason. I am a very skinny person. I dont say am healthy but skinny. And whenever people see me working out, they think I am crazy or that I am obsessed to be skinny which I am so not. So may be this time I can just ignore other people, and start following a workout schedule. These are the worable options I have right now. I need to decide soon.

524988_538131692903797_170617421_nI will be free from office in November first week, and I wil be on wedding preparation + wedding + honeymoon + stay-cation in the months of November and December. During my pre-wedding staycation time I will be checking off all the things that I am supposed to do(for wedding) and also I will be brushing up my 4 wheeler driving skills. I have a license but I dont own a car so naturally I forgot how to drive. My brother has agreed to rent/buy a second-hand car for me and my sis-in-law so that we can be smart drivers. And this is sort of important to me, as until and unless I drive good I don’t see my fiance letting me take his car. 😦 Apparently, wedding shopping and all the related hullabaloo will be over by November. So  December is gonna be the month of honeymoon and stay-cation. Soo looking forward to the stay-cation part 😛 ahaha. Noway. I have no idea what I will be doing during my stay-cation as I will be at my in-laws place and its in Mumbai. I guess my sweet husband will take me to roam which I am excited about but I also guess my mom-in-law will give me some cooking lessons which I am less excited about( I hate to cook 😦 ). But I think its gonna be fun. The most fun part is that I am gonna cook some Gujarati dishes which I haven’t even tasted yet. 😀

I can give u more accurate updates on everything in December itself as I will be joining my new job only in January. OMG I have plans until next year. That’s cool… I like things to be planned. I like to wait for something. I like it more when am waiting for something as excited as starting a new life with my love.



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  1. arianaaz says:

    Congratulations for getting married!! 😄


    1. ilovdecember says:

      Thanks @arianaaz 🙂


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