30 before 30

This is the first time in my life I am making such a list and am so excited. I have a few more years to be a 30 year old.I am skipping my 29 before 29 list because I don’t think I will be able to do anything 😦  and moreover 30 before 30 sounds better . I am not even sure I have enough time to cover all 30 but I really want to do all. Once am 30 I will surely update a done list.BV-fExpCcAAFiyz

  1. Go on a road trip – I think this is not difficult but until now I couldn’t make it happen. Hopefully in next 1.5 years I can    accomplish this
  2. Do scuba diving – I am well aware how much water-scared I am. Still I wanna do this
  3. Get married – I am sure this is gonna happen for sure 😛
  4. Buy/Finalize a house – Not sure whether we will able to buy a house, but at least I wanna shortlist one so that we can then seek the funding options
  5. Go vegetarian for a month – This is gonna be really hard, but I am definitely gonna try
  6. Get a pay hike – OK. Now I am starting my new job early next year. So by the time I am 30 I will be completing one year there and I must get my first pay hike
  7. Start using night cream – OK, this is weird. But I really couldn’t start this until now and I don’t know why!!! Every time I think about buying one, my skin becomes sooo good and I just don’t wanna try a new cream and spoil it. And I am planning this for last 3 years. I must do this.
  8. Move to another country – By ‘move’ I mean shift for a few years..I am really tired of this country and I think it would be great if I could stay away for a few years.
  9. Cut my hair short…really short – Since I can remember I am a long-haired girl. My parents never even let me trim my hair    (Even though I do without letting them know, and then sneak around for sometime until it starts growing back) Now  my    fiance is behind my hair…grrr. But I have decided to go really short at least once so that I can at least see how I  look in short  hair.
  10. Go shopping in Singapore – Now all those girls whom I ask about their pretty stuff says they bought it from Singapore. I don’t know anything more but I too wanna go shopping in Singapore.photo
  11. Learn not to get upset on everything – I really need to work on this. I am my dad. He is such a tension guy…and I am    such a tension girl 😦
  12. Run a marathon – Just for fun
  13. Go to a concert – Because I have never been to one
  14. Travel somewhere all by myself – It sounds a little scary to be. Also in a country like India, I don’t know how safe it would be. But still I wanna do this at least once.
  15. Spend a night camping under the stars – Sounds very exciting. I really wanna do this. May be in a place where there are no leeches or snakes.
  16. Learn how to wear make up – This must not take too much time..Whenever I see one of those make-up tutorials how   easy it looks. But when I try…its harder than maths. The two things I have in my make up box is an eyeliner and a lipstick because these are relatively easy to put on. By before 30, I will learn how to do a smokey eye at least. Determined.
  17. Start a new hobby – I made this statement vague intentionally. I am not sure what sort of hobby I am looking for, But I think nurturing some flowering plants and starting my own small vegetable garden would be cool.
  18. Learn a new language – I guess this is gonna happen for sure. My gonna be in laws are from Gujarat and they speak   Gujarati in house…I will have to learn it anyway…lol.
  19. Buy a car – Don’t know how much I can make this happen, but still I am planning to invest in my dream car…This totally depends on the investment in house though. Lets see what all I can afford in 2 years 🙂
  20. Make an album – First I thought of decorating a wall in my house with my favorite pics. But then I realized, I already have plans to buy new house, so no point in decorating the rented one now. A photo album sounds like a good idea too.sunset-plane
  21. Attend a class – A class on anything from cooking to photography
  22. Get a pet – I am totally a cat person. I had 11 cats when I wan young. 🙂 honestly, 11 of those cuties. I was a crazy cat kiddo. ha ha…Now that I keep on moving its difficult to keep a pet. Even though me and my roomie has a pet plant – Rosy. Once am settled, the first thing to do is to get a pet.
  23. Read more books – I should stick on to a schedule for this. At least one book per month. Now I either read 3 to 4 books a month or I don’t read for 6 months..
  24. Make wine – Everyone, except me at home makes wine. I only know the theory part of how to make it. But this time I am really gonna make it.
  25. Watch movie in an open theater – We don’t have any open theater in Kerala, but I think it would be fun to sit down, spill some popcorn on that green ground, breathe good air and watch a movie
  26. Start waking up early in morning – I don’t want to do this… but I have to somehow practice this. Because you know…its many a ways beneficial.
  27. Visit Paris – Because its the city of love…
  28. Bake a cake – I would need to take lessons from Phoebe for this, but I think I must do it for next Christmas or on my bday
  29. Write more – Write something more frequently….By 30 people plan to publish their own books, but am happy with my little blog here 🙂
  30.  Learn how to be happy – I wonder how some people can remain happy irrespective of the hard times they are going through. Whenever am in trouble, I tend to think more negative than positive. I know it wrong, Whenever I realize it, I fight with myself so hard and try to control it. I think if I could stay more positive then I can find happiness every single day…And I should do this.tumblr_m9umrxiR4o1r1m2dgo1_500

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