Ponmudi – The scenic wonder

To celebrate our engagement, we took a very short trip to some places around Trivandrum. I have been to Ponmudi before, but Meenu hasn’t…so we decided to go. Ponmudi is a small hill station which is almost 60 kms away from Trivandrum city. The word ‘Ponmudi’ means golden peak. And it indeed is one. I cant explain how beautiful this place is. May  be some of the pics can do that for me…None of the pics are edited.

The road to ponmudi is so beautiful from the stat to end..
A small waterfall on the way


There is nothing much to do than riding up to the hill and get lost in the scenic splendor all the way there…What else one needs !!! We went on my scooter- sunny and had a great time. Ponmudi has the purest airand water. It felt so calm and quiet all the way up there. It is not a crowded place at all. Weekends may get a little crowd but not much.

Thats my baby….Sunny. ❤
Getting ready for the long ride


You don’t just drive up there to the top, because what you do once you reach the top is just look down and say ‘wow’. If you don’t stop on the way you miss most of it. Trip to Ponmudi is all about being with the nature and admiring her from the hill root to the top, sip a coffee from the restaurant on top, sit some time and relax and get down before its all foggy.

IMG_1954 IMG_1955

The road is all twisted and has 24 hairpin curves. While coming down, we switched off the engine and just slowly rolled down seeing all the greenery, drinking from fresh streams and breathing good air.

IMG_1961 IMG_1963 IMG_1966

We are here…on top of Ponmudi hill.

There is small KTDC cafe on top, and a restaurant on the way to the top. This is a great place if you are planning for a picnic. There is plenty of place to sit and the kids can around and scream. If no picnic, make sure you are not hungry as there is not many choices once you start climbing up.

A view from top

IMG_1951 IMG_1985

Ponmudi hill is surrounded by forest land and plantations. You could hear bird singing all the time because it says, this place hosts almost 300 species of endangered birds. People go hiking to forest, from this place but being so scared of leeches, decided to opt out 😦



IMG_1995 IMG_1997

My baby is all tired and decided to take a nap on my skinny legs 😛

We had a great time here…On the way back, we stopped at a river side restaurant and had nice Kerala meals. Meenu loves Kerala meals 🙂 We were not done with the day, so we headed to Kallar-Meenmutty waterfalls. You wont believe how beautiful this place is…No wonder Kerala is called God’s Own Country.

Do come back for Kallar post…See ya.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Vinh N says:

    This is crazily pretty… Look at those trees. I just want to move there and live there forever lol

    Check out my latest post on Egypt http://www.vingnguyen.com/reasons-travel-egypt-2015/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ilovdecember says:

      Ya Vinh, it is that beautiful. Hope you can visit sometime..


  2. Kusum says:

    Hey, excellent written blog with pics. You must have certainly enjoyed travelling on hills on a bike and getting close to nature. Me and my friend are also planning to visit Ponmudi on our activa and was wondering if the hills roads were safe to ride and whether you have driven your scooter on hills there? Did you off the engine and ride on downhill completely with engine off? Need some tips, Regards, Kusum


    1. ilovdecember says:

      Hey kusum…sorry i was offline for a few weeks. I hope your trip is yet to come.. Ya its completely safe to ride your activa and it will go until the top. And yes we came down with engine off and it was fun..Enjoy your trip and do share your experience 🙂


  3. Kusum says:

    Hey, Many thanks for the reply. And Merry Christmas. We are planning the trip for early part of next year and will be going on activa with a back tyre and cover (old strong model) so atleast that adds safety. Regarding engine off, that must have been such a bliss to ride whilst enjoying the nature and tranquility. So did you ride the scooter on the way back or have you ridden before with engines off on slopes?
    I’m sure the experience of stopping on downhill and drinking from streams must have been such a great moment. Many Thanks, Kusum


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