Jaipur – Day 2

Our Rajasthan trip was in December. Honestly, I didn’t know that it gets cold in that place.In my mind Rajasthan was always a hot burning desert. I live in the extreme south of this nation and here we have only two seasons – rainy season and non-rainy season. Literally. We don’t experience any extreme climate. Well people don’t call this place ‘God Own Country’ for no reason.
So, back to where we started, Rajasthan has got the extremes of both winter and summer. And we landed there in winter. Needless to say, I was frozen. I can’t stand cold . So for me, Jaipur was freakishly cold, but for everyone else it was actually a pretty sunny day.
Any ways, we had a clear plan for the day. And we actually did stick with the plan. We planned to visit Chokhi Dhani in the evening, so the morning plans were adjusted to that.
Our first destination was Amer fort. Amer is a huge palace/fort build in red sand and marble. The rooms of Amer are built and modified over years and has all the luxuries for a royal living. Every bathroom in this palace has the steam bath facility and the royal bedroom has scientifically designed natural air conditioning. Amer palace has beautiful gardens, mirror worked and flower painted walls. This place is so beautiful for your eyes and the camera lenses.

Next destination was Jaighar fort, which is in the same compound as Amer palace. We got to walk around a little bit on top of the walls and caught the view of beautiful Jaipur.


Another stop was to see the world’s biggest cannon. Yes, its in India and in Jaipur. It says after this Cannon was placed there no one ever bothered to fight with the king. haha.


Lastly we went to Chokhi Dhani. It was a treat to eyes, ears and the taste buds. It is an artificial Rajastani village where you get to see the folk entertainment, eat delicious Rajastani cuisine and feel the ethnic village ambiance. We walked around the place, danced a little, clicked a lot of pics and ate a lot.

There ends our two day Jaipur trip. Jaipur is a must see spot in India. Just get there at the right time and stay away from the tourist-looting businessmen. You gonna love it.

(Some pics are blur. I know. We didn’t yet learn how to do the manual adjustments. Seriously!!!)

Jaipur - The planned beauty - Day 2
Some more pics from Jaipur trip…
Jaipur - The planned beauty - Day 2

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    Nice blog…Lovely pics…

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