Currently I am…

Making: Plans for new posts in November as I will be busy wedding shopping and sitting down on my computer might seem a little inappropriate

Cooking: Everything. Literally. From breakfast to dinner. As my bestie has moved to Bangalore and I am stuck here alone for two months, and broke due to wedding expenses…am cooking God knows what not.

Drinking: Coffee and tea. I started making tea at home because I found this packet of tea bags in my kitchen and it tastes good.

Reading: Maximum City. I am reading everyday for this month. Still this book is going to take more time. Its really a big one.


Wanting: A few dresses to wear on my honeymoon(If there is gonna be one. That story I will say later)

Missing: Of course phoebe…sometimes Meenu too 😛

Looking: Forward to November…am gonna be on staycation + wedding preparation. I haven’t been home for more than 2 days since 2005. I was in boarding and hostels and pgs. My parents always miss me..and I miss them more. I am so happy I can be home with them for a month.

Playing: Nothing…I am not a sporty person at all..Not even mobile games.

Wishing: I could join back work by January first. I know this is not something that normal people wishes. But honestly speaking, even though am looking forward for 2 months of stay-cation(one month at my place and one month at my in-laws place) it scares the hell out of me that I am jobless for 2 months. Needless to say that my main source of confidence is my income and the fact that I can be independent at any point of time. That is the same for every working girl in India. So one month with out job definitely scares us a lot.

Enjoying: This sunny days and rainy nights. The weather is just awesome now.


Waiting: For next weekend. My cousin is getting married and the whole family will be in town.

Liking: My new office bag. I bought this as part of wedding shopping but had to use it already as my white colored bag is all brown now and I don’t wanna wash it again.

Wondering: How my marriage is gonna be. I seriously have no idea. The guy’s family is planning and executing everything. I saw this whatapp status of a friend that says – Marriage is about everything but you, and I wonder how true that is. Happy to know there are more people like me in similar situation. Well, I cant blame anyone because it seems there is no other way to make this happen with both the families.(This story I will write separately)

Loving: My kindle…How Kindle can be your bff (Mostly, when no other friends are around 😛 )

Creating: List of items to do in November

Marveling: How gorgeous these south Indian bridal make up is…Going through pinterest for some wedding inspiration.

Needing: A good friend here in Trivandrum. That is the one thing I lack now.

Smelling: David Off Cool Water Sea Rose…in love with this one.


Wearing: W kurta and leggings. I have only kurtas with me now, as I have send all my casuals to home while I shifted last month.

Following: Kelly in the city… She is skinny like me, gorgeous, honest and updates daily. What more to look in a blogger ?


See her blog here – Kelly in the city

Thinking: Why am I even getting married ?? I am happy as a single complicated woman. 🙂

Knowing: Time flies..the two months will be over soon and am gonna miss this place a lot.

Bookmarking: How to male dry shampoo at home…My hair is behaving so bad recently and an guessing its time for a hair cut. But being so close to wedding, I don’t wanna try anything new now. So am googling some tips and tricks that can help my hair a bit. I don’t wash my hair everyday. And my scalp gets oily quick fast. So right now what I need is a dry shampoo and I don’t wanna buy one because I already have hair fall problem. So no more chemicals.

Noticing: I haven’t changed much in last 3 years. I haven’t put on any weight, no tattoo, not even a different hair style. I think its time for at least a haircut.

Hoping: For a great ‘last month at work’ in Trivandrum.

Feeling: Boring…Is ‘getting bored’ a feeling ? If yes, that is the feel I have the most.

Planning: A lot of things..but first I need a break. Lets visit Kovalam beach this Sunday. 🙂

I know most of the things am currently doing are around the wedding. Because that is what in my mind all the time. And more than happy, am tensed of this wedding idea…Does anyone else feel that way ? Or its that am just weird ??


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