Kallar – Meenmutty waterfalls

We went to see the Meenmutty waterfalls on the same day we were at Ponmudi. This place comes on the way to Ponmudi. Kallar or Meenmutty is a place in Trivandrum which is almost 50 kms away from the city. If you are in Trivandrum or if u plan to visit Trivandrum anytime, do not miss this place. This place will make your heart stop, for moments. Just see a few of the pictures I could capture, you would know what I mean. None of the pics are edited.


Two best things in my life…My scooter and the one riding it 🙂


There is no transportation towards the waterfall. We had to park Sunny at the start point itself. So the only way to reach there is to trek through forest. We had to walk 2 to 3 kms inside forest and it was amazing. This place is not crowded at all (atleast the day we went). It was just me and Meenu walking through the forest for a really long time.




Meenu really got scared and keep on asking me whether to go ahead. haha..poor guy, not familiar with Kerala’s geography…. or history :P. I decided to go ahead anyway and dragged meenu too with me. There are security guards standing between every 1 km. We asked one whether anyone has gone ahead of us and came to know that a family already went. We became confident and we took our time resting, clicking pictures, listening to all those wierd forest sounds and slowly moved ahead.

It is forest, but a way has been formed by people walking towards the waterfall.


The kallar river flew by side. The water was so fresh that we almost drank. Ya, I said almost because then I thought what if someone is taking bath under the waterfall :P. We decided to drink directly from the source than the river. I know its silly but sometimes you cant just ignore your negative thoughts, can you ?

IMG_2038 IMG_2045

Whenever a slope comes, there are small side fences made of baboo sticks. Still make sure you are wearing your trekking shoes, as its a long way to reach the spot.


This below picture, when I saw it from far, I thought its a snake. But as its didnt move, we came and took a closer look. I even tried to swing but it was so strong that it didn’t move. Still, worth a shot.


Almost there !!!


When we were near the waterfall, a security guy came along to guide us. There was an unexpected twist – we had to cross the river because the best view of waterfall is from the other side of kallar river. I was a bit worried, seeing the slippery rocks, pushing water and a thin coir fence to hold on to. But I just took small steps, one at a time, reached the other side safe.

I posed for this picture. When I really crossed I had the camera with me because Meenu had to hold the coir fence with both hands 😛
Engaged !!!

Is it not that safe crossing this river as there were mishaps in past. The water comes unexpected and quick which may wash you down the river. Luckily, I heard about this on our way back.

IMG_2093 IMG_2071

Finally, we reached there. It was splendid. There was one more family with us and they wanted to take bath there but the security didn’t allow them as the water that day was too deep.

IMG_2075This place is just nature as it is – so pure and beautiful. Its worth a visit. At least you could breathe some fresh air, drink fresh water and listen to the forest. This place closes by 5 pm in the evening as it gets dark sooner in forest. Make sure you come between 10 am and 5 pm here as its more safe and you can trek carefree.

I was so happy I came here. After all, a day spend with nature is a day worth spend, right ?



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