Hello October !!!

This is soo me 😦

Have you ever felt depressed after a book or movie ? I always have hard times in getting over a book or a movie or a tv show. Why does this happen ? When I very well know that it is just a fictional work. It was all the imagination of the author. Still. I think that’s what makes a good piece of work. Something that lingers in mind even days after reading or watching it. hmmm. I agree. But I don’t wanna be the one who gets depressed on every single stuff out there. I have a lot of things to deal with and am not interested in crying over a movie :(. But I think these things are out of our control. Right now, I don’t even know why am I depressed. Am just sad and tired.

images (3)On the other side of my mind, am making a list of things to do in October. This is my last month in Trivandrum. But I don’t think I will be able to stay back for even a single weekend this month. I have my cutest nephew’s baptism this weekend. I have a prayer meeting at my home next week which I might probably miss as it is likely to be on Thursday. Then on the same weekend I have my cousin’s engagement. And then the week after that is gonna be a long weekend, so mostly I will do some wedding shopping. And then the last weekend I must try to stay back in Trivandrum as I have some unfinished tasks here. uph. Its gonna be a busy month…And I don’t want my mind to be upset. Happy thoughts me…happy thoughts.

images (4)
Very true.

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