Killing Me Softly by Bianca Sloane


I can’t believe this was Biance Sloane’s debut thriller. This book is such amazingly written and kept me awake whole night yesterday as I couldn’t go to sleep without finishing it. The plot is different from some usual crime novels and the author could make the reader wonder what happens next, till the last page.

The story revolves around the murder mystery of Tracy who went jogging on a winter weekend and gone missing. After 3-4 days her body was found with enough evidence to prove that it was a mugging incident went wrong. Tracy’s elder sister Sondra had a hard time getting over her sister’s tragedy. Sondra decided to do a documentary on what happened to Tracy, so she could say proper goodbye to her sister. Sondra went to collect more information on the incident and the more deep she went the more shocking it turned to be.

I am not giving away the story here. Because, if you are someone who enjoy’s a thriller then this is worth a read. Through out the story the author has made different characters say their point of view on what is happening and also the author has moved between present and past without confusing the user. This approach has somewhat helped the user to see the incident in all the angles yet not able to figure out what really happened.

Although when you finish almost 80%, its predictable what really happened but still you will keep on reading as its not predictable that how its gonna end. I didn’t like one part of the book which is the final twist. I think it was not handled well. I can’t give away more on what the twist was, but after solving the mystery, reading that final twist was not as effective as the entire story.

Still, overall the book is really good and worth a read. Its a pretty small book and you can finish it in a couple of hours. I didn’t see the hard copy of book anywhere in India but I chose a kindle version because it was free πŸ™‚ Here is the link of the kindle version if you would like to check it out.

I was having a hard time turning the pages of ‘Maximum city’ because it turned to be the exact opposite of what I expected it would be. I bought it because I wanted myself to like the city Mumbai, but the book is all about real facts from 1992 communal riots and dirty politics that I hate Mumbai more now 😦 Hence I thought it is a good idea to give ‘Maximum city’ rest for a few days and get refreshed by another book. Killing Me Softly, which was previously published as Live and Let die, was the right choice. I enjoyed the book through out. Hope you too will.


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