Few things I miss everyday…

Hello there,

I have been too busy since I got married.Yes. Its true and am not bailing me out from the regret of not blogging for such a long time. But the word ‘busy’ sometimes has different meanings. I am getting enough free time everyday but I am not in a position to get back to my old routines. I am not even sure whether I will be able to live the way I was living until the wedding. 😦 That’s sad, but natural too. My mom was right when she said marriage will change everything in your life. I didn’t realize it then.Hmmm.Mom also said change is good. Some of these days I have got to start to listen to her. There is no one as RIGHT as your mother.

I am enjoying this timeless life too…I am happily married and I have thoroughly enjoyed the married life everyday for the last one month. I,well actually ‘we’ have started a few new routines like evening walk, at least one movie a week, and going for drives. Heyy.. I have started driving, finally. Its pretty difficult here considering Mumbai’s traffic. I haven’t yet drove at the peak times yet but am getting there soon. Also am getting better at cooking.

Despite all the best times I miss somethings everyday. I think its part and parcel of a marriage. But I am trying hard to get these things back in my life. Let’s see how it goes.

  1. My home – I cant explain how much I miss my parents. 😦
  2. My scooter, Sunny – Ya I miss him. I had plans to bring him here but after seeing how rash my husband drives, am having second thoughts.
  3. Books – Even though am sitting idle for at least 2 hours a day, I cant get through one page. First thing, as I am staying with my in laws I cant shut myself in room and read. Second, when everyone else is watching TV I cant sit there with a book in my hand. Thirdly, people here are feeding me a lot that I sleep almost 12 hours a day.
  4. My diary – I am getting a hundred thoughts everyday which I want to write down but at those times neither I have access to my phone or diary or even a pen nor I have time to sit and elaborate my ideas.
  5. Kerala – Oh I can’t explain how badly I miss you…Your fresh air, your greenery, your rains, your calm and quite days, your warm and windy nights, your food and ofcourse the less crowded roads. I am coming back there as soon as I can.


Thats it for today. I have a long list of things that I miss but I also have a new list of things that interest me. I will write about it soon. Bdw Happy New Year !!!


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