My first winter

This is the first time am enjoying ‘winter’ for one full month. In my place-Kerala, we have only sunny days and rainy days. No summer, no winter. I bought my first sweater when I was in Delhi last year for a week’s project. haha. I am not kidding. My sister who is settled in Kerala still don’t have a sweater in her closet. I told you – we don’t call Kerala -‘God’s own country’ for no reason. Anyways, my new office send me to Gurgaon for my project and since day 1 am freezing here :(.



Of course I bought proper winter clothes and boots, still the distance between office door and cab, the first few seconds when I wear a new cloth, when I accidentally flip my pillow at night, or when I get pushed to the vacant side of bed….ah all my teeny tiny hairs stand up and ask me what the hell am in doing here…am sooo not a winter person.

Still how come all my travel plans are to places which are far away from equator and way too close to the poles :(.  In fact whenever I get a chill my lovely husband reminds me of my choice of Switzerland as honeymoon destination. I don’t even remember me suggesting ‘Switzerland’ but of course a few local hill stations were on my list *sigh*.


This post is suppossed to be on my first winter experience and see how I always get deviated from the purpose. I blame my poor concentration and poorer memory for all this. Okay, trying to get back on track…..

Delhi winter sucks!!! Its not like the winters I read in books or like the ones in movies. Its cold and dry and dusty and humid. How is that possible ? I don’t know. That is what Delhi is. The temperature goes down to 5 or 6 (sometimes below 5) at night and stay almost constant at 9 during day. Most days are foggy which makes travel difficult. Most flights and trains get delayed or cancelled. So you should plan your travel with 2 extra days, in case fog ditches you.

The worst thing – even in this chilling winter you see a bunch of homeless people sleeping on streets bundled in whatever they can afford. However exciting and nice your day is, this one view can change your mood forever. Accepting the fact called real life and moving on..every day…every single day.


Although I say such negatives stuff about winter there are many things make me happy too…

  1. I love to wear those cute jackets and ankle length boots. The best thing all sorts of winter clothes are allowed in office too
  2. The best view in winter is those cute puppies in their cutest sweaters. I see a lot of puppies out for walk everyday. I live in a block of dog lovers for sure
  3. An hour in hot water tub – what else can someone ask for in winter
  4. A a cup of caramel hot chocolate while you getting cozy on bed watching your favorite tv show
  5. And a new hobby I got after starting living with a bunch of guys(colleagues)- playing cards while sipping(I would rather say gulping) old monk 😛 – Until now I never realized how cheap and effective this brand of rum is but now that I tasted it, it’s gonna stay on my list. Degrading myself a bit here but good for my pocket. haha.


Wish you a happy week ahead.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gautam Varma says:

    The photography is really good 🙂


  2. Kusum says:

    Hey, Many thanks for the reply on the previous message regarding ponmudi trip. Congratulations to your marriage and all the best for the future. We are planning the trip for early part of next year and will be going on activa with a back tyre and cover (old strong model) so atleast that adds safety. Regarding engine off, that must have been such a bliss to ride whilst enjoying the nature and tranquility. So did you ride the scooter on the way back or have you ridden before with engines off on slopes?
    I’m sure the experience of stopping on downhill and drinking from streams must have been such a great moment. Many Thanks, Kusum


    1. ilovdecember says:

      Hey Kusum I hope you too will enjoy the trip.Tc.


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