Making: Lists of things to pack for our trip to Malaysia…YES. Finally we decided to have our honeymoon in this beautiful island called Langkawi in Malaysia. We are flying next week.


Cooking: Nothing. Haha..Can you imagine how happy I am ? I haven’t stepped into kitchen for this month as I am working from my client location and staying in a service apartment right now. Our cook is awesome. I am not skipping a single meal. I hope I can gain some weight at least this time.

Drinking: Alcohol…lots and lots of it. Any item any brand any quantity…Its freezing cold here. How can I manage without a nice drink. 😦

Reading: Death comes to Pemberly. Just started it.



Wanting: A white converse. I have been looking for the same on all the shopping sites but my size is not available anywhere.

Missing: Home and phoebe 😦 I could’t make any new friends after marriage. So basically I have no friends at my new place, which is as bad as it sounds. I don’t have access to many places other than my home and office. At home you know the chances are null, at office everyone is into one or the other gang and because we travel as part of work I am in no gang 😦 Please help me with some strategy to make friends.

Miss you….

Looking: Forward to Easter. I will be home during Easter. Yayyy.

Playing: Cards….hahaha. As I told you in my last post, these days, we all sit after work and drink and play cards. I am so spoiled 😀

Wishing: For a miracle which can make my days better. Or to be practical, wishing for a friend.

Enjoying: Winter….you know this if you already read my last post. If not, read if here – My first winter. Also the variety of food…You should defenitly try the North Indian dish Rajkachori…its yummm.


Waiting: For salary. I am broke. Again. 😦

Liking: My wedding ring. I usually don’t wear jewelry daily other than studs . But now that I have to, am wearing this simple gold ring and am really liking it.


Wondering: Where my next project would be. I work as a consultant now. So I lost all the control on projects and location. I have to start on projects whenever I am asked to. I am enjoying it right now as it involves travelling and of course finance stuff.

Loving: My hubby 😛 . This is so cheesy, but bear with me for this time.

Creating: List of places we would like to go this year. This is so amazing. We decided to list down a few places and keep a budget aside for the same.

Needing: A good friend in Mumbai. Desperately.

Smelling: The set of Victoria Secret perfumes that my cousin gifted me. I cant decide which one is better.. Its all so good.



Wearing: Proper winter clothes for the first time in my life. haha..

Following: This wonderful blog of my bestie  – Inflated dreams

Thinking: Why did I get married ? Even though I enjoy this phase of life I am a bit disappointed that I never got to be in a live-in relationship.

Knowing: Good things happen to those who wait.

Bookmarking: All those micro fiction pages. I really really liked those and I wanna try but phew…a good tv show or a cozy bed distracts me all the time.

Noticing: I have lot of grey hair 😦 . And I haven’t done my eyebrows for a month.

Hoping: For a great time in Langkawi.

Feeling: LOST!!!

Planning: For a birthday gift to my mom…Her bday is in March but I like to plan ahead,you know.

I am coming up with a comparison of me and my partner….Hopefully I can publish it my next week. You know the more I compare the more I ask myself how are we together ??? May be all couples are like that…Will be back soon.



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  1. vaira103 says:

    Interesting to read!

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    1. ilovdecember says:

      Thanks Vaira103 🙂

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  2. thedevenlee says:

    Please share a good recipe for this dish Rajkachori you recommend 🙂


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