Random facts – Me vs He

Here is a small comparison of myself and my better half.

  • Basic character

Me: I am damn lazy. My best day can be explained as – any day starts around 9.30-10 with a black coffee on bed, slowly progress to tv shows, a book and a lot of blog reading.

He: He is very energetic and spontaneous. He likes to get up at a reasonable time, eat something nice and go out somewhere. If no travel, he likes to pick a topic and start a discussion. (He talks a a lot and I talk the least)


  • Academics

Me: I was always a good student. Even though am lazy, I always scored nice grades and a couple of times I was the topper in schools and collages. I love to learn. I am very proud to show off my mark sheets to everyone

He: As far as I know, he has been kicked out of school a couple of times. And to my shock, once it was for biting his teacher on her bumps. 😦 And his mark sheet is a valid proof of his horrible school days. I still don’t know how he managed to pass college and how is he earning double the time more than me. 😦

  • Hobby

Me: I love reading. I mostly love literary fiction but I also do all sorts of reading like newspaper, coffee-table books, inspirational and blogs. I watch tv shows whenever I am lazy (in other words, most weekends 😦 ), I follow a few you-tubers to see their shopping haul and room décors and of course I love writing. And am a person who loves to spend time by staring at anything, in other words am a day dreamer and I have a hard time dealing with the continuous talks in my heads.


He: Unlike most guys he is not a sports person. Cricket or football matches doest mean anything to him (Thank God). He is not a hobby person but he is interested in photography and movies.

  • Food

Me: I love chocolates and coffee – Not a big deal, most people are like me. But am not at all a foodie. I eat what I get and I eat to live. And I prefer non veg.

He: He loves food; in all veg forms – He is a Gujarati and it says most Gujaratis are foodies. I don’t know about the rest of Gujaratis but this one loves food.

  • Cooking

Me :I hate cooking – This is one difficult thing in my life. I don’t like to cook at all. But being an Indian wife, good food is what is mostly expected from me( i know its strange) and am noway near the expectations.

He: Unfortunately he also don’t like to cook. He likes to cut vegetables though.

You see the problem here ? ya. We tend to eat out a lot


  • Homeliness

Me: I am most happy when am with my parents. I love to be home. I spend most of my days by counting the days left to travel back home.

He: He is pretty much comfortable and happy wherever he is.

  • Looks

Me: I am that average looking girl who rarely cares about those pimples or outgrown eyebrows. I am skinny and underweight and am proud of it. 😛

He: I hate to say this but he is the cute one in this couple. He doesn’t even wash his face(ewww..i know) still manages to look fresh and far better than me. He is neither fat nor skinny but a normal built with some cute tummy fat.


  • Pets

Me: I am a cat person – I had 11 cats when I used to stay with my parents. Now that my job and life demands travel its difficult for me to keep one. But whenever I imagine my dream home the first thing I see is cats running here and there 😛

He: He is not a pet person at all – I have never seen him looking at any animal with
love or compassion. Still he is a hardcore vegetarian.

I wonder how we fell in love ? Well, it says opposites attract right ? I hope so. We are so different… Still everyday he amuses me. The way he talk, the way he work, the way he snores :P… And to my surprise he says the same about me, well except the snoring part.

Haha…I don’t think it matters whether we are of same type. As far as we are true to ourselves, as far as we care about each other, as far as we respect each other we are happy and enjoy living together. At the end what matters more than your happiness.





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