Things to do in Varkala

I have been to this beautiful sea shore for more than 10 times. When I was in Trivandrum most of our weekend getaways were in or around Varkala, mostly because nothing can replace the feel, food or view at this place. So here, are a few things that you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting Varkala.

  1. Stay at Varkala cliff

The cliff is the main attractions or rather differentiator of Varakala. Most of the beaches in Kerala looks similar but Varkala stands apart because of this small heaven above sea- The Varkala Cliff. There are many small and big resorts on the cliff and a lot of amazing restaurants. The stay at this place is very affordable and is hundred times worth the money and time.  Before you book your stay, make sure the resort is sea faced and right on cliff; if not you will be so disappointed once you reach there.

My recommendation for stay are : Claffoti beach resort , Puthooram beach resort and Hill view beach resort

View from our room in Claffoti resort

2. Eat,drink..repeat – Beer and Pizza

As I said, there are plenty of restaurants at the cliff and most of them serve beer and pizza. Though Varkala is famous for continental food, it would be a loss if you dont try their wood oven pizza. They are so thin, crisp and yummy. I have had spent days just sitting in a cafe and having a beer in every one hour and a pizza in every two hours….oh those were the days…

There is no problem that a beer and pizza together can’t solve..

3. Enjoy the cuisine -Rice and fish fry and Fish Sizzler

Of course Varkala serves one of the best continental dishes in India. The rice and a Karieen fry is a must have. Also the fish sizzler and the mixed continental sizzler are delicious. Fresh fishes are displayed infront of most of the cafes. You can select the fish you like to taste. Don’t miss the fish fry at any cost.

Karimeen fry


 4. Get to the beach

Get down to the beach and relax. The beach here is pretty big and clean. This is the best place for a perfect sun bath, a walk in the beach or for some fun games.


5. Visit sea mouth

In just 20-30 mins ride from the cliff there is a sea/river mouth. I always love to see river/sea mouths, I dont know why. For me its like watching someone winning their ultimate goal. It is a very pretty view…witnessing the Ashtamudi lake uniting with the Arabian sea.

varkala pics
Ashtamudi sea mouth at Varkala



6. Visit the fort and light house

Being a coastal area, beaches are the main attraction of Varkala. But if and when you ever get tired of the bright sun and beach wind, you can take a ride to the small fort named ‘Anjengo’ and light house. This place is 30 mins away from the cliff and is very small. Dont keep your expectations high but the ride is worth it.

7. Enroll for yoga class

If the beautiful climate and view is not enough to make you de-stress, enrol yourself for yoga classes. This is very popular in and around the cliff and you can also make a bunch of traveller friends.

Yoga training at Varkala

 8. Get an authentic ayurvedic massage


Make sure to get an authentic ayurvedic massage whenever you travel to Kerala. Because Kerala is the house of Ayurveda. Not just massages, you can find ayurvedic treatments and authentic kerala food also from this place.

Kerala meal is definitely a treat to your taste buds
Massage table

9. Go for an early morning walk

Listen to the sea, watch the coconut trees, wave at the fishing boats and talk to self. You can find nature here..You can find peace here…You can find your soul here.

Walking beside the ocean
Solitude is the best companion for a morning walk in Varkala

10. Rent a bike and get around

The more you see the more you love this place. Rent a bike and ride around. Make sure you wear a helmet and it is a strict rule in Kerala. You can visit Kappad beach, Sree Narayana Guru tomb at Sivagiri, nearby coastal villages or just go to local market and drink tender coconut.


Fishermen with the net…An early morning view

Varkala – How and When ?

The best time to visit Varkala is from October to March. I love this place during the monsoon too. But most of the restaurant would be under renovation during the off season. To reach this place, get a cab from Trivandrum airport or a volvo bus from Triandum Central railway station. Its appox 46 kms from Trivadrum.

If you are in Kerala, make sure you visit this place…Take my word, its worth it.






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