Langkawi, Malaysia

Its been more than two weeks since I am back from Langkawi and here comes my first write up. I am a little late all the time because I am a lot lazy. Never mind.

A view from sky  bridge

Langkawi is a group of islands which comes under the state of Kedah, Malaysia. It is a green, less populated thus less polluted, breath takingly beautiful place. The green landscapes and mangroves, the blue ocean, the bright sky and the breezy nights… It’s truly Asia

The floating restaurants on the way to Mangroves

The people are cool. Yes. I said ‘Cool’. Malays are very simple and stress free people. They work during day and drink, eat and sleep good at night. They are worried about nothing.Literally nothing.The main population are Muslims, that is obvious Malaysia being a Muslim nation; you can also find some Hindu crowd who are mostly Indians and some Christian who are mostly Chinese.

A quick stop at the beach

There are schools in Langkawi but for college they go to Kedah. And the best part, Malays are the least interested to go abroad and make money; they are the happiest in their relaxed routine and stress free life.I can’t praise Malays enough. From Hello to Bye I loved them a lot.  

Relaxing at one of the many beautiful beaches of Langkawi

The food at this place is delicious but vegetarians may get a little disappointed. The main course has varieties of fish and chicken along with steamed rice. As I was travelling with a vegetatian, we had to find places that serve veg food. It is very hard to find cooked veggies but you can get the most fresh and organic fruits here.

Fruit tasting in an organie farm

We travelled from Mumbai to Khula Lampur and from there to Langkawi. We did not take time out to travel Khula Lampur because we were so obsessed of this cute little island that we wanted to be there asap. It was 2 in the afternoon when we finally landed in Langkawi. We took a cab from there and checked in to our resort.

An artificial waterfall within the man  made rainforest

We stayed at Dayang Bay Resort which is in Kuah. Kuah is a jetty and also close to airport. The resort was really nice and the view from our room was worth every penny we spend there. We had a very relaxed itinerary planned for next few days and we did stick to it. Regardless of wherever we went or whatever we did, we loved Langkawi a lot.

Gua Langsir bridge…On the way to the most beautiful lake
The sky bridge

Do come back for more from Langkawi….


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