Monsoon…my love.

I am back. After a not-so long not – so short break. I am actually not back in full swing. I want to apologize for the past 3 months and want to warn you that am gonna be missing for next 3 months too. Ah, am tired. I have been extremely busy since I moved here in Mumbai. I sleep just five hours a day now, and that is driving me crazy.


I will get to my life updates soon. I will also share the beautiful trip we had to Langkawi. After that I have been to Kerala twice, but not neither I remember what all I did there, nor I clicked a single picture. I also finished the little women by Louisa Mary Alcot, and am feeling guilty for not sharing the review yet. Its a classic, a girl should read it atleat thrice in life. First when you mom gifts it(if your mom hasn’t gifted yet, ask her to do it now), next when you are trying to balance your life all by yourself, and then read it to your daughter.Its that amazing.

So how come I thought of writing something today ?


Because I got a news update that monsoon hit Kerala. And all of a sudden my brain went blank and I had this beautiful picture of a rain drenched Kerala. Oh my rain. How can I explain how much I miss them.


Its not so calm in monsoon. Because it comes with thunder and heavy drops of water. But that’s all that could reach your ears. When it rains, you feel like you are disconnected from the world. Its just nature around you. Its just water around you. Its just you and the rain. Its like heaven…

I wish I could take long walk in the rain, leaving my hairs open for the heavenly drops to get stuck, holding the palm up to feel that chilled downpour, keeping the barefoot smoothly as I don’t want those wet gulmohar flowers to get hurt.

Oh, take me back..back where I belong..back where it rains….monsoon, my love.

Kuttanad in rain…


Happy monsoon !!!


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  1. Sunith says:

    Nice pics backing up a good post. Missing Kerala this monsoon…


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