One post in 4 months

How difficult is it to write a few sentences once in a week ? Or once in a month ? Or may be in my case once in 4 month ? ah. Ask me. Its damn difficult. For me its almost impossible. I am running between places and things and I don’t get to open my laptop unless for work. And as usual I am always tired. I think tiredness is my thing, you know. Like there are people who are always happy, and then some who are always positive and excited. The same way, I am always tired. And I somehow started liking it.

The pic says I am nt busy at all, bt its not true. Trust me. Though I loved this white beauty.

Anyway, I still have no guts to say that I am back to blogging. Because I really don’t know what I will be doing tomorrow or where I would be. In last 3 months I have been to Goa, Kerala and Singapore. I am learning a new technology and of-course still struggling with the daily chores. And then there is this long deadly traffic which eats minimum 4 hours of my day. Ok, that’s it with the whining.

If incase why I dont write is because no diaries…so got these.

I have a long list of book which I am dying to read. And I also have a bunch of stuff which I wanna pen down. If things go right, and I could find some private time, I will definitely be right back on track. If it sounds a bit impossible I wanna say I will definitely try. Hoping for a less tired, less busy and more productive tomorrow.

Singapore diaries

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