Hello December…

December is my favorite. I don’t know why. May be its the smell of Christmas…or the lights…or the cold winter mornings. Or the cards we used to send…it was that time of the year when people remember each other and send a sweet message even though you weren’t in touch the whole year.  That time of the year to confess, apologize and forgive. That time of the year, you decorate the whole house with stars, crib and Christmas tree. And then the mid night carols.


December is hope. However crappy the year was, you are gonna get through it finally, and start a fresh one. A new year with new resolutions and routines. Isn’t this more than enough to love December.

December brings a lot of memories to me. The good ones. Like getting drenched in the evening rain while coming back from school, buying the first card for my blue-t-shirt wearing friend in college, the foggy and beautiful days in my Vagamon campus…ah. I wish December stayed forever…the way its memories does.


I don’t have anything excited planned for this December. other than the new year trip. I am gonna miss home this time. I am gonna miss mom. And of course that chocolate cake from Anns, our local baker. I hoped I would be able to decorate our own house this time..starting with a beautiful wreath on the door, a huge tree in the hall, lights, and carol playing whole day long…But all things didn’t go as per planned. So I hope I could do all this in next December.

Anyways, I am happy, because its December. And I wish you all the same. 🙂


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