One year of marriage

On last Saturday, we completed one year of marriage. We were talking last week that we lived together, loving and fighting, winning and compromising, kissing, forgiving and accepting…for 365 days. It’s a big deal for us. We are happy we both are alive and still together. Considering the differences, we really have started off quite nice.


We are different in mostly everything, call it, religion, politics, hobbies, interest, food, culture, family traditions. Literally everything. Still there are somethings which make us stick to each other. And we value those more, I guess 😀

So here a few things I realized in my first year of  marriage:

  1. ‘Forever’ is a long time, let’s take one year at a time

Whenever I see my friends posting their anniversary pics with the caption ‘ One year down, forever to go’, I ask myself,’Really???’. Making clear, I am optimist about relationships. But when you fix your target as forever or infinity its hard to take the blow. Whenever something goes wrong, we start thinking, oh my god do I have to deal with this whole my life !!! So, to make it simple, take short time periods. It doesn’t mean that we plan to end the relationship after an year. It just means, whenever you feel tired, think that I am gonna finish one more year. And I suppose that will work.

2.  Silence works most of the time

Especially when both are not so into each other, its always better to be mum. A bad word hits worse, whether delivered with or without intentions. So stay calm quiet and count from 10 to 1, endless times. 🙂


3. Express your love, say it, kiss it and hug it

First of all no one would be together if their isn’t any love. The partner definitely knows that he/she  is loved, but might not feel the same way. To feel loved, one has to say it, kiss randomly, hug a lot and of course the cuddles. It all goes a long way.

4. Try not to dominate

In every marriage, one partner always dominates. Most of the time, the one who talks more, or who talks louder. So my point is, if you are the one who tend to dominate then avoid it at any cost. Dominating on partner causes more damage than we can imagine. Not giving space, constantly telling what to do, taking decisions alone can put the other party in trouble. So keep a check on self as well as the partner. Talk to the partner if you ever feel dominated.


5. Travel

Yes. I meant it. Home is not always sweet home. Privacy and freedom costs a lot for most people. So cherish the togetherness by travelling. Seeing new places, meeting new people and being free makes everyone better. Always have a trip planned in future. Once in an year or once in 3 months, however possible. Having a travel plan to look forward to gives excitement everyday.


That’s all for now. You know its just one year. Going forward, there would definitely be more lessons and exams.which I wont be shy about sharing. So until then.

Looking forward to another beautiful year, together.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ajin says:

    Oy December girl, wish you have lot travel , kissing, hugging, fighting, talking in lot of years to come. love your posts.


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