Things to do in Chennai

Did I ever mention that I lived in Chennai for an year ? No ? May be I missed. That was soon after my college. I got placed in a company in Chennai, with my best friend :). That was an amazing time. As my friend was constantly travelling, we didn’t get much chance to roam the city, but I did it all myself. Chennai is not a dreamy place just because of the climate. Its damn hot all the time. And then the constant water shortages.

Still, Chennai has a lot of good stuff to offer for the residents as well as the travelers. I just made a few things which you shouldn’t miss next time when you are in Chennai. Here you go.

  1. The beautiful beaches

Chennai has several large beautiful beaches. While Marine Beach is the most famous and crowded one, you can also explore Elliot’s beach as well as Thiruvanmayur beech. The later ones are my favourites. Peaceful and close to the water. And there are a lot of awesome restaurants too on the beach side. Don’t forget to try the fresh fish fry on the beach. Those are amazing.


  1. St.Thomas Mount

I used to go here every other Sunday. It was far from where I used to stay but this place will give you the ‘top of the world’ feel and a much happier mind. This place is near Guindy and as the name suggests it’s on a hill top. It is believed that St. Thomas is martyred on St.Thomas Mount. You have climb a few steps to reach the top but am telling you it’s all worth it. There is an orphanage in the church compound if you are interested in donating.


  1. Mahabaliuram

Ok. This place a bit far from town almost 60 kms via the coastal line, but is the best for a weekend getaway from Chennai. I have been there 3 times every time with a different group of friends. And it never fails to amaze me. This place has a lot to offer. Just walk on the streets and get into any café for some chilled beer and fish fry. Visit the rock structures like Arjuna’s penance and Krishna’s butterball, cave temples, the beech and if you are interested in surfing this is the place for that.


  1. Dakshinchitra

This comes on the way to Mahabalipuram beach and it a must visit place. This is a cultural village that has beautifully mimicked the houses and culture from all the Southern States of India based on both culture and religion. You can also indulge in the folk shows, crafts and fortune tellers.


Read more about Mahabalipuram here – Weekend getaway-Dakshinachitra

  1. Shopping in Spencer Plaza and Express Avenue

Spencer Plaza is an old but famous shopping mall in Chennai. It’s like street shopping, but inside a mall. You get all the preity and cheap stuff there. Don’t forget to bargain.Another one is Express Avenue which is the biggest mall in Chennai and is a heaven or brand shoppers.

  1. Guindy National Park

One of the national parks in India which has ex-situ and in-situ conversations. There is nothing special if you compare this to any other national park but is worth for one time visit. Make sure you are in your most comfortable shoes, there is a lottt to walk.

  1. Chennai Central

Chennai Central railway station is a piece of art built in Gothic and Romanesque style. This is one of the biggest hubs on South India. I won’t suggest you to travel in train if you are a new comer to Chennai (you might not be able to survive the crowd) but visit this place for once.


  1. Church of our lady of light

Luz Church is a roman catholic church built by Portuguese. It is one of the oldest churches as well as one of the oldest European monuments in India. The architeure is breathtakingly beautiful. It has Gothic arches,    Boraque ornamentation and the altar is decorated with silver and golden leaves.



I have a lot of memories tied up with this city. A lot of small things which made my one year stay a lot happier. So, despite all the climate and water troubles, I can’t hold my love for chennai. And of-course Tamil is the cutest Indian language and Tamilians are wonderful people. So, you can definitely add Chennai to your travel list. I hope you too will have memorable time there.



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