Singapore Zoo – A snap story

Now  a days, I don’t really enjoy writing travel stories. That is ironic. Because there were days when I really wanted to write travel diaries but I rarely used to get travel. Now the days have come where I travel a lot, but rarely write about it. Things change. Situations change. And most importantly people change.

I am sharing these pictures of Singapore Zoo here, because I really don’t have much to talk about it. Though I will give you a small description of the Zoo.


At the entrance

The Singapore Zoo is a large and well maintained wildlife reserve center where enclosures are divided based on the geographical regions they belong to. You will get to see Australian, Asian, African, Tropical, Rain forest and so on. Among this African was my favorite as I got to see giraffe there :). I love giraffes and pigs after cats.

There is a lot to see…

We spent our day in the Zoo and headed for the night safari by evening. I missed the river safari but i heard its good too. If you are in a short trip and wanna choose, go for night safari that is the best.





At night safari…this was an amazing experience.

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