My nasty toddler mind

It’s time for some writing because I love to write and not because I must blog. I wonder how I easily slip into things. I started a blog because I wanted to write more. It made me happy. But then I slipped into ‘I have to write because I haven’t posted anything for a long time’ thing. And soon I saw me losing interest in blogging.

I liked clicking pictures during my travels. So my bf bought me a camera. Now I click because I have some professional camera with me and am supposed to take pictures whenever possible. You see, how I lost interest there. It’s true. I easily slip into things. I slip away from the actual aim, and then I lose focus. Does this happen only with me ?


Why should I blog forcefully, I don’t even have people reading this? Why should I click pictures, I don’t share it in any social media? I know this. But my mind doesn’t. How many times I tried to make him understand, but he refuses to be convinced. And ya, my mind is a ‘him’ because that’s the way I like it.

What should we do with our minds? My mind is constantly behaving like a misbehaved toddler who is alone at home. Its breaking things, hating people, staining the walls, emptying all the supplies, and making loud unbearable noises all the time. What should I do with him? I tried to lock him up, but he breaks all of them. I tried ignoring him, but then I start missing him. I tried showing him other people’s mind , thinking he will learn something from them but all he did was to call them ridiculous.


So, I have a nasty toddler mind in me, that’s thinking 24/7, talking 12/7 and making me upset every other day. So what, right? we all have our baggage. At least mine is weightless and invisible. And it doesn’t annoy others (sadly, my husband doesn’t belong to ‘others’). Ya. That’s right. I just need to be positive about it. I just have to give my mind some ‘space’(I guess) and let him do whatever he wants. While I was thinking all this good stuff to tame my mind, he reminded me this,

‘Shut up bitch, I am your boss.’



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