Life Lately…

Here is one quick check on my routine and what am I up-to. This is one of my favorites. That one post without too much thinking. Because right now, I don’t wanna bother my already overcrowded mind. In other words, call me lazy. So here we go.


Reading: Wild by Cheryl Stray. I have waited a lot for this one and now that I finally started reading it, I really love it. I am still on the beginning pages but till now I feel like I am just reading my mind out there in a book.

Writing: Trying to pen down as many posts as possible as I am intended to have minimum 3 posts in a week for one month.

Wanting: Some sensitivity, consideration, compassion and selflessness in people everywhere. I am seeing a lot of negativity and its giving me a lot of sleepless nights.

Missing: Me, myself.

Looking: For nothing. I feel content, for now.

Wearing: These pretty Jhodpury sandals..and am loving it.


Playing: Monopoly, because my hubby likes to trade.

Wishing: To be home for Christmas. 😦

Enjoying: All the memes on social media since American elections, Indian demonetization and some local celebrities. These meme guys are so good. I wanna say 2 memes a day keeps the psychiatrist away.

Waiting: For nothing. And its not a good feel.

Liking: My new nose ring. See how pretty it is.


Wondering : Whether I get to work from home for a month. Me and my parents are missing each other since long.

Loving: My new blogging schedule. Finally I am back on track with my little scribbling and it is making me happy everyday.

Needing: A good friend.

Smelling: These new perfumes I bought form Changi airport..and its amazing.

Thinking: About anything and everything.

Knowing: How true is this wonderful quote from Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t love the theme of the show but the script is quite nice. There are a lot of meaningful, relate-able punchlines in every episode.


Noticing: That I a loosing my best quality, ‘patience’ and turning to be an ‘always annoyed and angry woman’, and I cant even blame myself for it.

Hoping: For a good 2017, with lots of travel, lots of time with my parents, and a place for myself.

Feeling: Lost…as always. I have no idea when I could gets all my craps together.

Creating: Next year book-list and travel-list.

Cooking: Whatever YouTube tells me. Ya, that’s true. I am exploring YouTube for everyday cooking now and my husband is finally happy about my cooking skills.

Drinking : Ice tea, for a change. Haha…I have upgraded from alcohol and degraded from coffee(or may be the other way around) and settled on Ice tea for now. As usual its gonna be a short period thing. Still this one below tasted really nice. Just mix it and put a few ice cubes.



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  1. Lerry says:

    Wild is a good one unnuni. I loved the movie too


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