A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Considering that I am living my life in a planet full of stupid people, the fact that I have not murdered anyone yet or haven’t thrown brick on anyone’s face is a sign that I was good this year. Though I wish you ignore my usage of swear words and the outrages once in a while, because that is how I stay sane.


So  here I am taking the liberty to make a list of things I wish for Christmas. I really hope that you wont behave like a ‘all-yes-but-no-action’ boyfriend, again this year, but bring me these.

  1. Lots of travel in the coming year – Make some space for solo travel too
  2. Paid leave for all the travel – Because I like to eat everyday and also sleep under a roof
  3. A fat bank account and of course lesser queues at ATM – No more demonetization drama plssss
  4. Someone who can take all my crap and still be my friend
  5. Get me candies instead of parking and toll tickets
  6. Some sense to people around me..like traffic sense, dressing sense and majorly common sense
  7. Ability to give invisible slaps – Oh this is so important, I have a long list of people I want to slap right on face
  8. More, more and more beer
  9. A new liver because am not planning to share all the beer you bring me
  10. And make the karma act faster on my enemies and never on me.


That’s all Santa. I think its nothing for you, but it’s a lot to me. So do bring me these. Also, in case you are thinking to surprise me, please check my boards on pinterest.

Thanks Santa.

Always love you.


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