Throwback to 2016

Here we are ending yet another horrible year, I thought let’s just go back in memory and see what really happened in this year. Its not a surprise that I have come across at least 100 articles on why 2016 was the worst year ever. If 2016 was bad to the whole world I am a little relieved because, hey I got lot of company this year. πŸ™‚

2016 was the worst year to me too, well the worst ‘so far’…how scary is that !!! But I am not gonna whine about all that now. So lets just take the middle road and be thankful that this year is over. And here is my flash back…

The good stuff..not in any order

Drank a lot and of course puked a lot

Had amazing shopping time in Singapore. And most importantly, saw Mehul shopping happily πŸ™‚

Saw a live Sesame street show and felt the happiest πŸ™‚


Being to a live music show and felt ‘lost’…I know, I think I am not a lound noise or crowd person.


Got the first fish pedicure and felt soo weird.


Spend some good time together..having fun and exploring. Also marked one year of marriage successfully.


Did a lot of tripping and explored some offbeat jems..

This beautiful pic is clicked in Kerala…More about this post in 2017
Again from God’d own country Kerala

Had some amazing family time..

Experience some new festivals especially Ganpati and Deepawali


Went on our first road trip to Goa and it was amazing


The food was yummy though I missed the home made chicken fry and omlet breakfast

Saw this cut little guy in dhoti and also saw him dropping it πŸ˜› Love you abelu


Now the not so good stuff (Only the ones I can share :P)

Had to replace the back door of our new car. This should actually be part of the good stuff as we got out safe from a not-so- small accident.


Had the longest break in meeting my mom…4 months and counting.Β Can’t explain how much I miss her.

Like last year, had made no new friends.

Couldn’t finalize on a house thus the shifting is cancelled. My privacy and way of living are still suppressed in myself and no hope of having it back.

Had to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety.

I had a feeling that this year could have been a little better if I had set goals in the beginning. I ignored the goals idea as in the beginning of this year, I felt like I have no control on my life. Now that I am getting back into some good mood, mostly by ignoring stupid things, people and opinions, I am gonna set goals for 2017 and try to make it a fruitful year. I will get my goals list ready soon…until then, ‘Happy New Year’!!!




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