New Year Goals – 2017

As promised to myself, I am all ready to start 2017 with a set of things to achieve. I have been cautious in not setting an un-achievable goal but knowing myself more, I really hope I could achieve at least 70% of these. I will try to do a comparison at the end of this year.


Here I come 2017….bring it on.

  1. Get my driving perfect – I started driving car in the horrible traffic of Mumbai in last year. But my husband is not confident enough to let me drive when I am alone. I am gonna fix it this year.
  2. Get a new hairstyle – This is such a silly one but I really think I need to have some change in my looks. I am gonna try something new this year. Oh gosh.
  3. I am gonna be more like my mom – in all sense
  4. Honor my time – I am not gonna wait for anyone anymore. I am not gonna do the things that I am not interested in. I am gonna spend my time for myself.
  5. Say ‘No’ more often – This I really need to work on. I really feel exploited and the only one compromising. I am gonna be more strong this year.ywsy97_rk1o-brooke-lark
  6. Walk more – How and When ? I don’t know yet. But I will figure out.
  7. Atleast 30 days with parents – I have decided to spend minimum 30 days of of 365, with my parents at my home back in Kerala.
  8. Read more and write more – I think I had a good start last year end itself. I am gonna keep it up. You go girl.
  9. Start each day with at least one goal – It doesn’t matter how small it is gonna be I am gonna start each day with one goal and gonna achieve it.
  10. Pray more – I feel a little guilty that I rarely get opportunity to attend church after  marring a Hindu guy. This is one of the things I had to leave behind in my early days of marriage. This year I am all set to get it back. My target is minimum 10 Sundays this year.


It isn’t too much, is it? I have kept it on the low side as I really wanna do most of it. Let’s see how it goes. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. 2017..pls be nice.


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