Summer Outfit

I haven’t focused on any fashion or lifestyle posts yet. But hey, its a new year so let’s try something new. We have been traveling since end of December until yesterday, and I can’t tell you how much I loved it. First of all, travelling makes me relaxed and secondly being away from Mumbai makes me happy.

And of course more travel means more stories. I can’t wait to share the beautiful places, things and people I have met in last few days. Until then, here comes my new year new me, outfit post.

I wore this in Bali. The climate in Bali was hot, humid and rainy. I wore this long skirt on the day it was sunny and thankfully it remained the same all through out.


This is the most comfy skirt I have ever wore…It has long slits on each side which makes it easier to walk and of course hold the skirt up :).

This maroon crop top is one of my favorite pick from last year which I have already paired many times. It goes with everything just like it was picked for that particular one. What more we want from a top.


The pics are clicked in the beautiful villa in Bali where we stayed. The place is full of plants and flowers and it smells so good all the time.


So yes, that is it. Here is the first non-scheduled post of 2017. See you soon.


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