The Balinese Architecture

No doubt Bali is best for its scenic beauty but the eye catchy structures of temples are something which took my breath away. Being from the biggest Hindu nation, I wasn’t looking forward to visit any temples in Bali, but during our 7 day trip, I would have covered minimum 10 temples, just because of the architecture.



The stories and beliefs are all the same . There is Ramayana and of course the Mahabharata. The Gods are all the same, just everyone has their own version and their own hero. I was least bothered about the deity in each temple, as where deity was kept was locked up in most of the temples. The architecture is highly influenced by Hindu traditions and Javanese elements.



Temple or house all has the beautiful split gate as entrance. Every temple compound has multiples pavilions. A temple also called Pura, has an outer courtyard, a middle and inner courtyard. The climate along with its flora makes each structure beautiful.


There a number of temples which are situated along the shore which gives it a divine and serene feel. Also the climate, wind and sea water has played some role in the antique look of these structures.

img_5634img_5685The detailing on the roof and entrance of structures are beautifully carved whether its in wood or stone.



Another important feature is the presence of guardian deities at each temple. I am pretty sure each one has a role and a story to tell but being wandered without a guide, we missed some of those exciting history.


I can say a lot more on the beauty of Balinese architecture but nothing can replace the joy when we see those wonders in real. So if you are planning a vacation, do me a favor and make it Bali. Its impossible that you may regret. I shall give you more details on Bali in coming days. So don’t pack until my Bali posts come to a halt.

Have a great day.



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