Ubud art market shopping

On our last day in Ubud, we decided to do some shopping. When I heard about the Ubud art market, I thought I will find some miniature forms of their traditional Hindu architecture. But I was wrong and I have never been this happy for being wrong. Ya, true.

Ubud art market is a heaven for art lovers and of course if are planning for a new look for your room, this is the best place to shop. Everything is pretty and nothing is costly. There are a number of shops and most of them sell almost the same stuff. And if you are not good at bargaining, you might end up spending a lot.

There are shops of both sides of the street.
Some pretty lanterns


 The owl army

Majority of things are carved in wood. If not wood, its metal. In both the cases, the design and finishing are done perfect.


My husband got these one to hang outside our door. I don’t know how it’s gonna look but when its done I will show you too…
I got plenty of cats as I couldn’t say no to their cuteness.
The mask section
Things which form part of Balinese religion


Enter a caption
How cute are these hangings…I got those, and the coffee ones in below pic.






The market is in the heart of Ubud, just opposite Ubud palace. Better to visit on a weekday and most importantly, don’y shy away from bargaining.

Happy Shopping.


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