The loosey-goosey dress

While we were in Kuta, Bali we visited a number of nearby beaches, all blue, all beautiful. I was searching for the most comfortable dress in my luggage and found this one. And I swear, this dress let the wind blow through me and it made me stay cooler in the beach sun.



I found this one during a street shopping in Mumbai. I had to pay just 600 rupee for it, which is very cheap for an awesome dress like this but a bit high to pay in a thrift shop.


I fell in love in with how the silk cloth made me feel, so I paid whatever they asked without hesitation. I was the most comfy whole day.


I wore no jewelry with it, just because I didn’t want even a small metal piece to come in between me and my comfort. Also, I paired with my white sneakers and switched to my favorite slippers while on beach.



Its important to be comfy while on vacation. And this dress did it’s part very well. This is something which you must have in your bag while travelling in Bali as its goes pretty well with the weather there.

Stay tuned for more on Bali art forms.


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