Things to do in Mumbai

MUMBAI!! – The city that accommodates everyone. The city that provides for everyone. The city that never sleeps. May be the only Indian city where you see women walking on road alone even in midnight.

Mumbaikars say Mumbai is a feeling. Well, I haven’t yet mentally become a Mumbaikar yet. But I can’t disagree that Mumbai is indeed a magical city.Mumbai will show you how the luxury cars run past the infant beggars, how celebrities mercilessly drive over the homeless at night and then walk out free with money power, how we normal people bribe everyone and get things done, how trains can carry double or triple the capacity of passengers than it is supposed to. But, you will also see how adjusting and thoughtful people are, how good and dependable are strangers, and at the end how each and every one gets at least one meal a day.

Once you are in Mumbai, somehow it will make you love her. And it will always love you back.So, if you happen to be in Mumbai anytime, here are a few things you can’t afford to miss.

1. Visit Gateway of India

The gate way of India is a historical monument built  in 20th century and its located at one of the best places, overlooking the Arabian Sea. It is in scotish and Roman architecture and Hindu and Muslim style.This is a popular tourist spot and a high security area after the 2003 terrorist attack. You don’t worry, just go visit the place at least once.


Also, there is the famous Taj hotel just opposite to the Gateway.

2. Shop at Colaba Causeway

Once you come out of the Gateway of India, walk straight for 5 mins and you will reach the ‘Cultural Square of India’, the Colaba Causeway. The National Gallery of Modern Art, Regal Cinema and Price of Wales museum buildings on the street gives it the look of old Mumbai. This is the best place in Mumbai to buy antiques, ethnic jewelry and latest fashion dresses.


3.Ride through the Bandra-Worli Sea Link

This is a beautiful piece of art and architecture. This is a cable-stayed bridge that links two places- Bandra and Worli. It reduces the travel time between these two places and the way it is built, it can even withstand an earthquake of 7 in rector scale. I don’t have the knowledge to talk authentically about the design or structure, but I can tell you that this is best to be viewed at night.


4. Cheat the clubs and go for some stand up comedy

If you love night outs and clubbing, there are a lot of places in Mumbai you would love. But then,you can find good clubs in any cities. So why don’t you try some thing different, like a theater of stand up comedy ? There is this one place in Mumbai that will keep you entertained the full time you are there and it is the Canvas Laugh Club. Here, you get to see the performance of your favorite comedians discussing anything and everything under the sun. Try to book your ticket for weekend, as that is when the best shows happen. If you already decided to go, here is a link to their event calender – Canvas Events


5. Try the midnight cycling trip along the coastal roap

If you are not a fan of the hot Mumbai climate, dust and the crowd(am definitely not a fan) and you still don’t wanna miss the coastal view of Mumbai, midnight cycling is the thing for you. I was surprised to know about this event, but then it has already been broadcasted on multiple travel programs across the world. This is a 25 km trip and starts from Nariman point till Band Stand in Bandra.  On the way, you get to see the Marine drive, Girgaon Chaupati, Worli sea face, Shivaji Park etc. This trip is organized by a team called Mumbai travellers and you have to get yourself registered to know about the upcoming trips. Here is their website and you are welcome –


6. Get on Mumbai’s Lifeline

The local trains are Mumbai’s lifeline. If you wanna reach anywhere in Mumbai on time and you don’t wanna spend hours in traffic jam, local train is your only option. Though you need some special skills to travel in local train. Whenever I have been in a local train, I felt like the entire 1.2 billion population of India are there in the station and they all boarded the same train. If you really wanna feel the Mumbai life, try the local train at least once. But take care of your belongings as the best pick-pocketers are always in or near the train.


7. Enjoy Mumbai street food

Whether you are a foody or not, I assure you that you will love the street food here. How can you miss the famous Vada paw. Get a vada paw from any centers, better to have it hot with the half-done green chilli. Also try the Kheema paw from Gulhan-E-Iran at crawford market, Chole smosa from Guru kripa at Sion and the Vodka panipuri from Pratab Dhaba at Andheri. Mumbai street food very cheap and mostly fresh as this the fast moving everywhere. Also try the gola.

World’ best ice cream…gola


You can cover all the above mentioned things in one day. As this post is already long I have highlighted only my favorite things to do in Mumbai. If you wanna know anymore, let me know. And welcome to Bombay….!!


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