The travel outfit

Spare my suntanned face and tired look. This i how I looked after all the adventures in Bali. While we were getting ready to board the flight back, we took a few seconds to click quickly what I wore, because my husband find my outfit pretty cool. Ha, that happens very rarely.

And I was surprised when I got compliments for my 3 year old jumpsuit which I finally wore for the first time. This happens with me all the time. I buy dresses that I find cool but end up wearing it after years. After years when finally the dress is out of style. May be am a little less confident to carry what’s trending. As it is extremely important for me to be comfortable I don’t force myself to wear the newbie in my wardrobe.


So, I wore this black jumpsuit for travel and find it both a good and bad idea. We had 12 hours of halt in Kuala Lumpur airport. I choose this dress seeing the comfort while walking, sitting or sleeping in the airport. And yes it was a good idea.


But, more time in airport means, more drinks and constantly under air-condition which results in frequent pee times. As you know the worst thing about a jumpsuit is that you have to remove the whole thing even just to pee 😦 . Thus proved, it isn’t such a good idea to wear a jumpsuit while travel.


Anyways, I wore my blue beads necklace which I bought from Bali and of course my white sneakers. And ya, my sunglasses are there on my face almost all the time during travels but when I am literally under the sun, it disappears magically. ehh.


So that’s all for today guys. Have a nice day!!!


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